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by (MS, United States)
“I got the fare and seats I wanted. First Business Flights always amazes me. Great service and great price!”
by (IN, United States)
“Had a fantastic experience with First Business Flights. I highly recommend them for business class tickets!”
by (AZ, United States)
“Samantha was very sweet and helpful. She found an excellent itineraries for us at very good prices.”
by (CT, United States)
“Matthew was fast and efficient. He found the best flight that I needed!”
by (ID, United States)
“I booked my Business trip to Canada with First Business Flights and they always find me the best connections at the best price!”
by (IL, United States)
“Recommend First Business Flights to anyone who like to travel on business class but looking for a lower price than whats offered on other travel agencies.”
by (United Kingdom)
“Had a great experience with First Business Flights in booking my business trip to Spain. Competitive pricing!”
by (OK, United States)
“Stoddard was extremely responsive and he was able to finalize our trip to London in a timely manner. Thank you First Business Flights!”
by (SA, Australia)
“Best price and excellent service! I will only book my business trips through First Business Flights!”
by (Sinagpore)
“Leighton was excellent! Very quick to response and very efficient. He surely helps you to find great fares and fly on business class with ease and comfort.”
by (IN, United States)
“My contact was a Mr. Stoddard Brown who priced the lowest-price itinerary. I demurred and
sought a shorter itinerary even at risk of a price increase. He in very rapid reply provided as good a TransAtlantic transit as I've ever flown. Therefore, I accepted his proposal.
Perfunctory and professional he was, and I'm very appreciative.”
by (IL, United States)
“Thank you for making me save a lot.”
by (CA, United States)
“I was able to save a lot of money for my trip, I was able to have a marvelous time.”
by (CA, United States)
“Stoddard is Awesome. His the ultimate travel guide.”
by (NC, United States)
“Awesome, Outstanding products and Services.”
by (AR, United States)

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