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by (FL, United States)
“Samantha was extremely helpful, professional, courteous, and very service oriented.Thank You!!!”
by (NH, United States)
“Very good experience. Greg is the best agent that I ever booked with. Very professional and right to the point!!!”
by (FL, United States)
“I was very happy with the service provided by Leighton. The price was very competitive and I was worried that there would be hidden costs later added on; but this was not the case. I will definitely work with Leighton in the future for travel plans - he was very responsive and very easy to work with. Thus, in the future I will probably try to identify not just business class, but the particular aircraft/carrier.Thanks”
by (NJ, United States)
“The flights and service provided were excellent. Stoddard is my agent of choice now and when my travel plans for the fall are confirmed I will be contacting him. I have already referred him to 3 potential customers, one of whom has already booked a ticket with him.”
by (CA, United States)
“This was the 4th time that Agent Mathew Jones has assisted us and, as in the past we have been highly satisfied. His competence and friendly attitudemakes it easy to work with him.The flights on Qantas were great. We love the A380 with the upstairs business section. In addition to good and friendly service we received pyjamas to wear during the flight which we loved. Plus Qantas re-booked us on the return trip to a direct flight.All in all a great experience.”
by (CA, United States)
“Ken Harris was great. Very responsive. I would definitely work with him again.”
by (OK, United States)
“Samantha is awesome and has been great. She has been very helpful and creative in ways to get us the best value for our travel dollar and often on short notice. We will only call her for our company's travel needs.The last trip was good as well which has become the expectation.”
by (MA, United States)
“Our flight experience to Munich was wonderful. Lufthansa Airlines provided great service with a friendly spirit.Our only hitch was the scheduling of a close connection on our return. We needed to go from Munich to Frankfurt and then back to Boston. Our Munich flight at 9 am was delayed and we had to run to our connection to make the flight. I think your team should have insisted we take an earlier flight so the possible delay would not create an issue and anxiety.Leighton was a professional in getting our flights arranged. He was prompt in all of our dealings which made the planning much easier.We will call on your group again the next time we have international travel.”
by (MA, United States)
“Stoddard Brown did a perfect job. Our Lufthansa flights were spot on. I will continue to use Stoddard for all bookings.”
by (WA, United States)
“Kevin is outstanding and provides incredible customer service. I will definitely use your service in the future.I have Recommended my colleagues and friends to use your service.”
by (FL, United States)
“I was happy with the experience I had with FirstBusinessFlightsMathew Jones Is great guy to work with Based on our experience, I have recommended FBF to many friends and colleagues.I will definitely use your service for many future flights”
by (WA, United States)
“My experience was great with Leighton because he was superb and I will make sure to provide referrals.”
by (TX, United States)
“Our experience was great with Nolan White was wonderful to work with. We will be booking with Nolan again soon.”
by (FL, United States)
“Samantha provided an Excellent service. Provided everything I needed. Will Definitely use your service in the future.”
by (NY, United States)
“The flight experience was fine. The service on board and at the airports was courteous, my dog behaved magnificently. The food left something to be desired. The service provided by your office was excellent. Leighton followed up on details, for which I was very grateful. (He did more than I had expected, indeed.)”
by (NJ, United States)
“I would like to thank my agent, Greg Lopez, my flight arrangements and flights worked out very well. At the last minute there was a glitch in my flight ...not due to either Greg or myself, which he handled calmly and professionally. I have happily recommended him to other friends, who are pleased and I will be a continuing customer.”
by (CA, United States)
“I am very satisfied with Ms. Samantha's services, and I plan to use it in the future. I was a Skyteam Platinum Elite member (I am diamond now). I have been able to change flights with Delta (at no cost) several times in the past.”
by (CA, United States)
“Mark Rodriguez tries very hard to help and really offers great customer service and follow up. Will use your services in the future.”
by (CA, United States)
“Mr. Leighton Davis was very professional and helpful in arranging our flights. It goes without saying that we will seek his help and advice in our future trips, business or leisure.”
by (AZ, United States)
“Matthew Jones provided great service. He was very responsive and had solid follow up. We will Definitely use the service again. Flight experience was good, one problem was the Manila airport shut down so had to layover 6 additional hours in Beijing but that was out of anyone's control.”

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