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Payment with Amex Points or Transfer of Amex Rewards Points

Payment with Amex Points or Transfer of Amex Rewards Points

Payment with Amex Points or Transfer of Amex Rewards PointsTravelers are often wondering which strategy will pay most – to pay with Amex points or to transfer the Amex rewards points they have to a certain frequent flyer program. The experts on the Amex points say that they like and often use the Membership Rewards Amex points and they often transfer them to airline partners as in this way they get the greatest value out of them.

Besides Amex rewards points travelers can also use the option to pay with points. They can purchase flights at one cent per one point. In case they are holders of the Amex Card Business Platinum, then they can get 1.25 cents per point.

When travelers redeem awards through the option “pay with points”, then they get a fixed return of one cent per one point and they also earn frequent flyer miles plus a credit for their elite status, which further adds to the overall value. When travelers have the option to surpass the 1.25 cents threshold, this is a good option that they can use. The experts confirm that often the transferring of Amex points makes better sense when getting First class or Business class tickets, since these tickets are offering greatest value per point used.

In case travelers transfer 90 000 Amex points to Aeroplan and pay 5 000 USD for an international Business class flight, then they get a value of more than 5 cents per Amex point. When they use the method Pay with Points they will need to redeem 500 000 Amex points for the same flight. In other words, transferring to a partner airline and then booking an award flight is the better option. In any case the travelers should run the miles for themselves and check the different options before making a booking.

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