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International Flights: Business Class vs First Class

International Flights: Business Class vs First Class

International Flights Business Class vs First ClassWhen travelers are embarking on a great holiday or when they are heading on an important business meeting, they are all aware that business class and first class travel has nothing to do with flying in economy class. The business class flights and the first class flights guarantee great comfort and excellent service. Yet nowadays most of the domestic flights do not offer business class and first class coaches and these are available only on the international flights. The difference between the business class and first class usually depends on the airline company used, on the route and also on the model of the airplane. As a rule though, the first class service is always better than the business class service on the international flights.

Ground Service
Prior to boarding the first class travelers are getting access to exclusive airport lounges, gourmet meals, special selection of wines, cigar lounges, private rest rooms and bathrooms, free Wi Fi, fast check-in and even limousine pick-up service. At some airports there are lounges for the business class travelers as well, but not all of them.

The seating in first class cabin is the perfect exemplary of comfort, including more than enough legroom and 180 degree lay flat technology. The business class cabin is following it with only high-angle reclines of the seats. As a rule the seat dimensions in first class exceed the ones in business class with 1-2 inches in width and 10-30 inches in legroom.

Onboard Entertainment
The international flights even in first class and in business class cabins can be very long and boring. That is why in the business class cabins are usually offered 10-13 inch television screens on the back of each seat plus headphones. Some of the airlines though offer shared televisions to their passengers. The first class cabins usually offer premium programs which from the passenger can choose.

Staff – passenger ratio
The travelers in the business class cabins usually get one member of the crew per six passengers. At the same time the first class passengers get one staff member per four passengers. Both the passengers at the first class and in business class cabins are served fine food and drinks, yet only the ones in first class can order la carte.

In general, the first class flight tickets cost much more than the business class ones with all factors like route, airline, date being important.

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