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Flights to Zurich

Flights to Zurich

Flights to Zurich

fly business to Zurich

With old world charm and natural scenery that will take your breath away, the largest city in Switzerland is often best known for the large number of financial institutions that call it home.

While Zurich certainly does have an upstanding global reputation for being one of the largest financial centers in all the world, there is so much more to this picturesque city that seems to be consistently standing between historical marvel and contemporary advancements.

Your trip to Zurich is bound to be one of the most incredible experiences. Whether you are a first time visitor the city that has been listed as one of the top 25 cities in the world in terms of superior quality of life, or this is a repeat visit, you’ll find that there is always something amazing to explore.

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Zurich’s Airports

business class to Zurich

Zurich is home to Switzerland’s largest international airport, Kloten Airport. Kloten Airport is also the primary hub of Swiss International Airlines. The airport is also a hub for Swiss European Airlines, and Edelweiss Air.

This very busy airport boasts several incredibly luxurious lounges for first and business class travelers. Other travelers can buy passes to the lounge, if they are interested however.

Visit the well-appointed Emirates lounge, where you’ll be able to savor gourmet delights, while relaxing in absolute comfort. Freshly prepared meals and a full bar service, along with big screen TVs make this a comfortable lounge. With private showers and a fully-equipped business center, you’ll be able to ensure all of your needs are met during your time in the airport.

As the Swiss Airlines hub, the world-class SWISS Lounge is impeccable. The lounge offers showers and comfortable facilities to freshen up, along with hotel-styled bedrooms for those who need to enjoy a bit of rest between flights. Work stations and a business center will keep you in touch with work, while the amazing freshly prepared food items will keep you energized.

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Getting Around Zurich

business class flights to Zurich

A taxi is always a great choice for getting between destinations in Zurich, and you also of course have the opportunity to rent a car if you feel confident at navigating the roads. However, Zurich’s public transportation system is topnotch, and will ensure that you are able to easy get between each item you plan to see.

Zurich has a unified system that includes buses, the S-Bahn underground trains, and of course plenty of trams. With service that runs between 5.30 in the morning and midnight, you won’t have to worry about being stranded if you miss your bus or train.

Tickets are budget-friendly, easy to buy, and can also be purchased as a 24-hour pass for your convenience.

First Business Flights is committed to ensuring that our travelers are provided with flawless itineraries and the ability to make changes if needed. You deserve only the best in service, and First Business Flights is devoted toward ensuring that you get the best.

What to do in Zurich

business class tickets to Zurich

Zurich offers a rich collections of things to see and do, but it is important to note that a lot of them are dependent on the season.

Those who have an appreciation for art will enjoy spending time at the Kunsthaus Museum. This non-descript building offers amazing collections of artwork stemming as far back as the 1600s, and also features a very impressive collection of modern art. Plan on spending at least two hours here, soaking in the amazing artworks housed in this museum.

The Zurich Zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals, and offers an amazing quiet retreat from this busy city. The zoo may be compact in size, but it is large enough to offer a superb time for all ages. Visit the large biosphere, or stroll through tropical rainforest. The elephant house is also a huge draw with guests of all ages. The amazing number of wildcats housed at the zoo is sure to impress.

Visit Zurich’s famed Opera House to appreciate some great dramatic or musical events. Even if you are not fortunate enough to be able to take in one of the breathtaking performances staged at this event hall, your visit will allow you to appreciate the beauty and dramatic architecture of this 19th century building.

Zurich offers a number of great outdoor sporting activities that are sure to keep your adrenaline pumping. Winter sports often put this city on the map, with fresh powdery snow that is just absolutely perfect, you’ll find yourself itching to take to the slopes. Snowboarding, ice-skating, and skiing are just some of the winter sports you’ll enjoy in Zurich. During the summer months, guests and locals alike enjoy swimming and other watersports. Hike or bike, or even take in a few rounds of golf.

Must-See Zurich Landmarks

As a true international city, Zurich boasts several amazingly impressive must-see landmarks. You may not have time to take them all in, on this visit, but you will certainly appreciate each and every one that you are fortunate to have time for.

The Zurich Botanical Gardens offer some of the most beautiful flowers and plants in the world. Spending some time exploring the natural beauty of Zurich is sure to be plenty of fun for the whole family. Explore the dome-shaped greenhouses to enjoy tropical and sub-tropical environments that almost seem to defy winter temperatures. These great gardens are just one way that Zurich demonstrates its pride.

Church of Our Lady offers architectural beauty that simply needs to be seen. With a blue spire and stunning stained glass windows, the church is a must-see for even those who don’t share the faith.

The Urania Observatory is more than just a beautiful sight to behold itself, but it offers panoramic views of Zurich and Lake Zurich. The pastry shop offers a tasty treat and a good cup of coffee while you take in the absolutely amazing sight that is Zurich.

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