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Flights to Venice

Flights to Venice

Flights to Venice

fly business to VeniceSituated in the northeastern part of Italy, Venice is comprised of 118 small islands that are located on the marshy Venetian Lagoon. Each of the islands is connected by a series of bridges and canals; in order to create the cohesive city it has grown into.

Widely recognized as being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with purely amazing architecture and works of art, Venice is also recognized as being amongst the top romantic cities in the world.

Whether your trip to Venice is purely for business, or for pure pleasure, you are sure to be thoroughly captivated by everything that this city has to offer.

First Business Flights looks forward to helping you achieve your dreams of a romantic retreat to Venice. We have access to unique industry tools that put us in direct contact with some of the steepest discounts in the travel industry. What this means for you is that you will be able to travel in absolute comfort, while still having plenty left over in the budget for the remainder of your trip to Venice.

Venice’s Airport

business class to VeniceThe Marco Polo Airport serves Venice. Due to the marshy conditions of the city, the airport is situated on the Italian Mainland, just a few miles outside of Venice. As is evident by the name, the Marco Polo Airport was named after the intrepid Venetian explorer, Marco Polo.

As the fifth busiest airport in all of Italy, the Marco Polo Airport handles domestic, international long-haul flights, and also chartered flights. There are three floors in the airport terminal, with the first two being used for arrivals and departures, respectively.

Although a relatively small airport, despite having capacity for international flights, the Marco Polo Airport boasts two comfortable lounges for guests. The Tintoretto Lounge is for first and business class ticket holders of Alitalia, where the Marco Polo Room serves ticket holders from other airlines. Enjoy a topnotch business center, or just a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The staff in these luxurious lounges is dedicated to ensuring your comfort during your stay.

Allow First Business Flights to ensure that your flights are up to the standards of comfort that you so richly deserve. Our team members are devoted to ensuring that your entire trip goes without a hitch, and that it fits neatly into your travel budget.

Getting Around Venice

business class flights to Venice

There is no point in renting a car for your time in Venice, as there are no actual roads in the city. Regardless of where you are staying for the duration of your trip, Venice is actually small enough to be navigated on foot. With comfortable shoes, you’ll be all set to walk around Venice, cross over the connecting bridges, and explore all of the charms that this amazing city has to offer. It can be relatively easy to get lost while you are exploring Venice, but you can’t truly get that lost, as there are many signs pointing to all of the main landmarks that you will be more likely to recognize.

Venice also has many Vaporetti, which are the water busses. These services will get you where you need to be, in no time at all. They are often the better choice for getting to your hotel, when you are carrying luggage. Affordable and swift, you may just find that the water buses are your favorite mode of transportation while you are in Venice.

Private water taxies are another option for getting around Venice, but they are not necessarily the best in budget friendly options. They are however very convenient, especially if you are just looking for a quick zip somewhere, or need to get to the airport quickly.

Venice’s gondolas are very well known, especially as a way to enjoy a romantic interlude with someone special. They can be a great way to get around Venice, and of course can be very romantic. Consider booking a gondola ride at sunset. The views are certainly going to be spectacular.

What to do in Venice

business class tickets to VeniceNaturally, one of the things that you have to do while in Venice is to enjoy a gondola ride. Just be sure that you book in advance, and that you arrange the fee and include gratuity well before arriving for your ride. This will help to avoid any confusion, and help you to ensure you aren’t being taken for a fare ride.

Venice is home to some of the most unique and precious collections of artwork. The collections range from the middle ages to the middle of the 18th century. The Gallerie dell’Accademia will provide you with the opportunity to take in some of these great pieces of art, as will the Pieta and Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

Enjoy partaking in an Italian pastime, the evening aperitivi. Most of the bars and restaurants in Venice offer appetizers and drinks, while their patrons enjoy lively conversation. So select your favorite hotspot, pull up a chair and enjoy the true ambience of authentic Venice.

Tour Venice’s Grand Canal, on board one of the water buses. With tours that allow you an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Venice, you’ll also gain an insight into the history of canal. The Grand Canal was once filled with cargo boats overflowing with merchandise. You’ll be able to learn some of the history of the city, and about the importance of the wealthy families that founded Venice.

Explore Venetian cuisine that includes the freshest locally caught seafood, or enjoy Venetian meatballs that are unlike any other you will find. There is no end to the number of culinary delights that you will find once you start exploring the restaurants that dot the streets of Venice.

Venice is within shouting distance of some of the best vineyards in all of Italy, which will ensure that even the most humble of establishments has an incredible list of wines for guests to enjoy. A number of restaurants have exquisitely refined house wines that will go perfectly with the antipasto dishes you explore.

For those with a love for music, there is nothing quite like taking in a concert that showcases the concertos of Venice’s own Vivaldi. The Venice Baroque Orchestra offers concerts that are often described as being inspirational. La Fenice is another orchestra that can offer fantastic renditions of Vivaldi’s best.

Must-See Venice Landmarks

business class travel VeniceVisit the San Marco Piazza. This impressive square is a wholly rewarding experience on its own, but it also provides an amazing view of three of Venice’s top sights. Start with Basilica di San Marco, which is a Byzantine-styled church, then move onto Doge’s Palace, which was once the judicial and political hub of Venice. The third amazing sight in the square is Torre dell’Orologio, which is a beautiful clock tower that was built in the last 1490s.

Fans of James Bond will love walking in James Bond’s footsteps. The Palazzo Pisani, which is now a music conservatory, was the site used for the shootout that occurred at the end of the James Bond movie, Casino Royale. The Torre dell’Orologio and the San Nicolo dei Mendicoli church are also sites that have made appearances in several blockbuster hits.

While Venice might be primary comprised of canals and bridges, there are also some public parks that are wonderful to enjoy during the warmer spring and summer months. Giardini Publicci offers a quiet retreat from the city. It is a beautiful park that can be found in Venice’s Castello District. Enjoy a quiet walk or talk a picnic lunch, you are sure to feel refreshed after your time enjoying this lush outdoor space.

Your trip to Venice is sure to be an amazing experience. Allow First Business Flights to help you make the most of your time in this picturesque part of Italy, by securing you first class tickets that fit neatly into your budget.

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