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Business Class Flights to London United Kingdom

Business Class Flights to London United Kingdom

First Class / Business Class Flights to the London United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is one of the few surviving monarchies in Europe, a nation that with its heritage and cultural achievements impresses every traveler. The big cities in the UK, like London, Glasgow, Edinburg, Belfast, or Cardiff are cultural, artistic, educational, and social centers, with countless attractions, from monuments and museums to shopping centers and galleries. But there’s plenty to see in the ‘countryside’ as well, from Stonehenge to Loch Ness. We at First Business Flights can help you book first class / business class flights to the UK right away, so that you can begin exploring it as soon as possible.



First class / business class flights to the UK don’t have to be expensive. You can fly in style to the UK and enjoy high-quality airplane and airport services without having to overspend. Our carefully selected offers feature outstanding discounts, helping you to book flights that are incredibly affordable, often comparable to the prices you’d pay for the regular flights provided by your local travel agency. Don’t pay the middleman, pay for high-quality services instead. Book your flights to the UK with us and you’ll get quality at a low price, the lowest available.



The UK offers you a wealth of options when it comes to airports. Although most incoming flights to the UK land on Heathrow, when you book with us you’re not stuck to just one airport. Our powerful flight search and booking system enables you to discover the highly affordable first class / business class flights to the UK that land in airports throughout the monarchy, not just in London, where airlines tend to feature super high prices. Whether you want to land in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, we can help you find the right airport for you and book your tickets in advance.

Great For Travelers

A first class / business class flight is the perfect choice for you if you want to begin your British adventures well-rested and in a good mood – you get fine food, a comfortable chair, as well as airport transportation and lounge services. Once you land, you’ll be just in the right mood to discover London with its many attractions, including the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the Thames River, the London Eye, the Kensington Gardens, the British Museum, or the beautiful Edinburg, or the interesting Cardiff, or the many other tourist magnets scattered throughout the monarchy, including the spa city of Bath, the Exmoor moorland, the Scottish highlands, the grassland and woodlands of Cotswolds, or the beach village of Mumbles overlooking Swansea bay.


What makes our service great for travelers? It’s our affordability, reliability, and booking-in-advance option. Book one or more tickets for first class / business class flights with First Business Flights today to enjoy:

  • Fast, safe, and smooth flight to the UK.
  • Maximum comfort during your flight, including reclining seat and fine food.
  • Warm and friendly airplane staff.
  • Span, fitness, and more in the airport lounge.
  • Luxury car transportation between airport terminals.

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3 Main International Airports in the UK

  • Cardiff Airport, Cardiff (Wales)
  • Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow (Scotland)
  • London Heathrow Airport, London (England)

Destinations Photos

3London Eye
4British Museum in London
5Scottish Highlands
6Cardiff Castle in Wales

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