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Business Class Flights to Tokyo

Business Class Flights to Tokyo

Business Class Flights to Tokyo
Tokyo, the capital of Japan, together with Greater Tokyo has more than 35 million of residents which makes it one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. It is visited daily by thousands of tourists and business travelers who visit its downtowns, neighborhoods, entertainment areas and attractions. Wealthy, busy and modern, Tokyo is a lovely city that has preserved the old traditions of Japan but is looking towards the high-tech future, that you will definitely like as it can offer something to everyone.

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Flying first class and business class to Tokyo is a blessing, especially if you are saving a great deal of money as well.

Tokyo’s Airportstokyo2Tokyo is a huge city, served by three airports. Get in contact with the professionals from First Class Flights and they will give you advice which airport you should use according to your travel plans. Besides, they will help you get the cheapest first class airfare to Tokyo, a price so low that you will not find anywhere else.

The main airport of Tokyo is Narita International Airport, placed 70 km away from Tokyo. It is the largest airport in Japan – efficient, modern and often overcrowded and busy. The airport has two terminals that are connected by bus and train, exclusive first class and business class lounges, elegant restaurants, fast food zones and cafes, etc.

The second major airport that serves the city is Haneda Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in Asia and in the world. It covers many domestic flights and charter flights and operates with three terminals. Haneda Airport has a VIP terminal, a number of restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. It could be reached by bus and car, regular train and monorail. In general Haneda Airport handles the domestic flights, while Narita Airport handles the international flights.

The third airport, Ibaraki, is the smallest airport of all and it covers the flights of the low-cost carriers. It is situated 85 km outside Tokyo city.

Traveling around Tokyo

Tokyo is a huge and busy city, which has one of the most extensive public transport systems in the world. There are two subway networks, any private lines, several railway systems. And even if Tokyo network could be confusing, it is also safe and clean, which makes the trip pleasant.

Whichever type of public transport you decide to use, you will have enough money to spend on it since you have already saved money by booking a first class ticket to Tokyo with the help of First Class Flights booking experts.

What to do in Tokyotokyo4Tokyo is such a lovely city with so many places to see and things to do that you will need to prolong your stay. While in Tokyo you should definitely go on a boat ride on Samida River, try sushi at the Fish Market Tsukiji, taka a bath at a local sento, and take the elevated train to cross the bay bridge from Shimbashi station to the huge ferries wheel.

You can also go to the Tokyo Disney Resort, attend a basketball game at Tokyo Dome, and take a walk along the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.

A great stay would also include a stroll at the cherry blossom park Sakura, a nice afternoon at the Yoyogi Park, etc.

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Must-See Tokyo Landmarkstokyo5The city of Tokyo is really overwhelming and so is the list of sites and attractions that re waiting to be seen there. Among the must-see landmarks are the Imperial Palace with its beautiful gardens, the Asakusa temples, the Temple Naritasan Shinshoi-ji and Sakura-no-Yama Hill, as well as the Memorial Hall Sanrizuka Goryo Ranch. You should also check the Museum of Aeronautical Science, the Botanical Garden, and the traditional Japanese Culture Museum Boso No Mura.

Tokyo city has many shopping centers, museums and galleries, places for dining out and entertainment, as well as great places for panoramic view over the city. The most famous ones include Tokyo Tower, the building of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the World Trade Center Building, the Tokyo City View and the Rainbow Bridge building.

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