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Business Class Flights to Thailand

Business Class Flights to Thailand

Business Class Flights to Thailand

Thailand is known for its tropical climate, excellent beaches, impressive culture and delicious food and tourists had many good reasons to visit it. There is plenty to be explored there including the jungle, the warm ocean, the exotic food. The authentic Thai atmosphere, the friendly people and the endless number of cultural, historic and religious sites make many travelers wish to extend their stay or come back. With the help of the professional service of First Business Flights, it is now possible for travelers to get cheap first class flight tickets and business class airfares to Thailand. If you plan a trip, make arrangements to get the best possible price and enjoy your flight in style and comfort.


Thailand has wonderful choice of historical and cultural attractions, mainly located in the capital Bangkok and the former capitals of Siam. It also offers incredible beaches and many islands, tropical forest and awesome waterfalls. The gods have been quite generous with Thailand. Travelers who come here are welcome to try the Thai massages, to enjoy the outdoor areas and to practice golf. There are so many things that one can do and see in Thailand that one trip will never be enough. To get the ball rolling, contact First Business Flights and book yourself first class ticket or business class airplane seat. You will get them at a much discounted price and will enjoy a flight with many comforts.

There are two main airports in Thailand, which serve the international and the intercontinental flights and they are situated at Bangkok and Phuket. There are several other smaller airports that also serve international flights like the ones at Krabi, Hat Tai, Ko Samui, as well as Chiang Mai, however they are restricted to flights from other countries in Southeast Asia. First Business Flights team can help you in selecting the best airport that you should use, based on your needs and travel plan. The company can secure you a first class and business class airplane tickets at a very reasonable price.

Great for Travelers

When in Thailand travelers get really spoiled of choice. Some head to the busy Bangkok in search of an exciting nightlife, others visit Chiang Mai to enjoy the beauty and cultural sites, yet others go to Parraya to relax at the most beautiful beaches in the world and the great outdoor areas there. Quite popular is also Phuket Island with its fantastic beaches and natural beauty. Other islands that are must-see places in Thailand include the island of Ko Samui and the beach resorts in Hua Hin. While in Thailand travelers are welcome to enjoy a Thai massage, to visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok, to shop at a floating market and to see where the hot springs San Kamphaeng come from. Now that you can get first class seat and business class tickets at such a discounted price, contact First Business Flights and enjoy your flight.


Once you book your flights to Thailand with First Business Flights you will be granted with:

  • Direct airport access to first class lounge zones and their amenities.
  • Comfortable seat in the airplane, which can be reclined and turned into bed.
  • Incredible meal and drinks on board during the flight.
  • Transportation between the airport terminals in a luxury car.

Thailand is so tempting, thus book your flight with First Business Flights today!

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Grand Palace in Bangkok



Ko Tapu



Chaweng Beach



Floating Market in Thailand


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