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Business Class Flights to Sweden

Business Class Flights to Sweden

First Class/Business Class Flights to Sweden

Beautiful and very peaceful, Sweden is the largest of all three Nordic countries. It borders Finland and Norway and is connected to Denmark through the Oresund Bridge. Sweden also borders the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea and its part further north actually belongs to the Arctic. Sweden is a wonderful destination for all tourists who love the outdoor activities including skiing and hiking, riding a canoe and sailing. To get an unforgettable trip, you can now book a first class ticket or a business class ticket at a much discounted price.  Forget about flying economy class and feel exhausted. Better enjoy the luxuries you can get at first and business class, now offered to you by First Business Flights company at a very reasonable price.


Sweden is an open but discreet country with plenty of interesting sites and activities for the travelers. Its major tourist destination include the capital city of Stockholm famous for its beautiful scenery and an extensive night life, as well as some of the finest restaurants in that part of Europe. Business people usually head to Gothenburg which is a port and an industrial center or to Vasteras where is the heart of the country industry. Among the other destinations are to be mentioned the city of Malmo, which is close to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, as well as the cities of Linkoping and Jonkoping. Worth to be seen is also the town of Uppsala, a lovely old university center. First Business Flights can provide you with the cheapest first class and business class flight tickets to Sweden. Fly in or out in style and enjoy every minute during the trip.

Sweden is served by three major airports and several smaller ones. The airport that covers most of the important airlines is Stockholm Arlanda. The other major airport is Goteborg Landvetter, which serves some of the airport airlines and offers very comfortable bus transfer to the center of Gothenburg city. The third airport that serves the country is Copenhagen Kastrup Airport based in Denmark, which is suitable for trips to the southern part of Sweden.  The smaller airports that serve Sweden are Stockholm Skavsta for low fare airlines, Stockholm Vasteras for international flights to and from Copenhagen and London, Goteborg City Airport – serving three low cost carriers and Malmo Sturup covering the domestic flights. The team at First Business Flights can assist you in finding the right airfare deal for your trip to Sweden. Contact them and book your discounted first class and business class tickets, then enjoy your flight.

Great for Travelers

Sweden has lovely places to show like the Old Town of Stockholm, the towns of Uppsala and Visby, the royal palaces and castles such as Drottningholm and Gripsholm. There are also to be seen the Falun and Fagersta UNESCO sites, as well as the Struve Meridian Arch. The best attractions however are reserved for those who love the outdoors, as Sweden offers plenty of opportunities for sailing and riding a canoe, angling, hiking and skating, skiing and horse riding. One can also go on watching tours for wolfs, brown bears beaver and moose. Those who are more into the shopping, fine dining and wild dances, should better head to Gothenburg and Stockholm. Remember that First Business Flights can get you the cheapest ever first class or business class tickets for your comfortable flight to Sweden.


The difference between the economy class and the first class flights is so huge that it is needless to be presented here. It is like driving in a very low class car and a limousine. Book your first class ticket from First Business Flights and enjoy your trip to Sweden in style. You will get:

  • Immediate access to all airport lounges and the amenities offered there.
  • Very comfortable airplane seat with an option to be reclined in bed position.
  • Marvelous meal and drinks during your flight.
  • Transportation between the airport terminals in a luxury car.

Book your first class or business class ticket with First Business Flights, save money and enjoy the trip.

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Old Town in Stockholm


Drottningholm Palace





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