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Flights to Barcelona Spain

Flights to Barcelona Spain

Flights to Spain
With its glorious beaches, magnificent cities, savory food, and unique cultural events, Spain is one of those countries that you must see before you die. The eccentric architecture of Barcelona, a fabulous city which often tops the list of the best cities in the world, the impressive array of museums and art centers of the capital Madrid, and the free spirit of the party hotspot Ibiza are only some of the many attractions of the country of the flamenco and the corridas, of the paella and the greatest football clubs in the world. Regardless of your reason for traveling to Spain, we offer you the best first class & business class flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and other major cities.

business class flights to spainAffordable

We at First Business Flights think that expensive first class & business class flights to Spain are just a myth. Our high class flights to Spain provide all the services you need for maximum comfort, and yet are really cheap compared to the flights offered to you by airline representatives in the airports. Even by booking just one flight with us you can save a significant amount of money. Why waste money on costly low-quality, regular flights? Book your flight to Spain through us and get maximum comfort at an unrivalled price.

fly business to Barcelona SpainAirports

Spain has at least one major airport in every big city. Our advanced booking system can help you discover the right airport for you, the one that enables you to reach your travel destination most quickly. The convenience with which we can help you find the right airport and book your flight, whether you want to do that a few days before take-off or weeks in advance, will impress you and keep you returning to us and booking your flights with us. Try our booking system once and you’ll understand perfectly what we mean. So, whether you’re traveling to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, La Coruna, Ibiza, or Las Palmas, we got you covered.

Great For Travelers

If you’re traveling to Spain, you don’t want to pay more than necessary for plane tickets. Our first class & business class flights to Spain offer the best value possible for your money by providing top in-flight and airport services, including great food, and airport spa and fitness. Whether you’re going to Spain to discover the 8,000km of beaches, or to gawk at the otherworldly architecture of Barcelona, or to visit the extravagant Guggenheim museum of Bilbao, or to admire flamenco dancers in Seville, or to plunge into the vibrant night life of Madrid, our first class & business class flights to Spain are perfect for you.


Booking your flights to Spain with us means you’ll get:

  • Mouth-watering food during your flight.
  • Fitness, spa, and other amenities in the airport lounge.
  • Fully reclining airplane seat.
  • BMW transportation after landing.
  • Enjoyable flight with a top airline.

Are you ready to discover Spain? Book your first class & business class flights to Spain now!

3 Main International Airports in Spain

  • Barajas Airport, Madrid
  • El Prat De Llobregat Airport, Barcelona
  • Ibiza Airport, Ibiza

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business class flights to Barcelona SpainRoyal Palace in Madrid
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6Las Palmas Gran Canaria

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