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Flights to Russia

Flights to Russia

Flights to Russia
Spreading over two continents, Russia is the largest country in the world, a bustling place where deep-rooted traditions and strong Western influences coexist. Massive, powerful, impressive, Russia is a giant country full of opportunities for business persons, but it’s also rich in cultural, architectural, and natural attractions. Whether you’re heading for the cosmopolitan capital Moscow, or the elegant city of the tsar Peter the Great, St. Petersburg, or for some other town or city, we at First Business Flights can help you find and book high-quality yet affordable first class & business class flights to Russia.

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We can offer you the cheapest first class & business class flights to Russia whenever you need them, while providing the assurance that you will receive during and after your flight all the services and benefits you’d expect from high-quality flights. If you book your plane tickets through us you can save tens or even hundreds of dollars. You’ll fly in style and pay less than you would if you’d buy a ticket at the airport. How can First Business Flights offer you great prices without sacrificing quality? It’s simple – we filter through the offers of affordable companies and offer you only the best deals available.

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Since Russia is a huge country, it’s essential that you choose to land at the airport that is the closest to your destination. It may not be a good idea to land in the capital Moscow if you’re heading for the Asian part of Russia, because although you might be able to get a cheap flight to the capital, the money and time you’ll have to spend on transportation after you land will exceed your savings. The good news is that Russia has plenty of international airports, and we can offer you affordable first class & business class flights to all the major ones.

Great For Travelers

Being both comfortable and affordable, our first class & business class flights to Russia will seem highly appealing for you if you’re a tourist. We offer our flights to all the major Russian cities and enable you to book your tickets weeks, even months in advance, so that you will have plenty of time to plan your trip. What’s more, we guarantee superb services during and after your flight, ensuring that you will begin your journey to Russia in a great way. Want to see the many cultural attractions of Moscow, including museums, great buildings, and art galleries? Or to admire the refined architecture of St. Petersburg? Or maybe to explore Rostov and Russia’s many other interesting cities? We can help you get started.


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3 Main International Airports in Russia

  • Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow
  • Moscow Metropolitan Area Airport, Moscow
  • Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg

Destination Photos


Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg


Bolshoi Theater in Moscow


St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow


Kremlin Palace in Moscow

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