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Business Class Flights to New Zealand

Business Class Flights to New Zealand

Business Class Flights to New Zealand
New Zealand features stunning beaches, rugged coastlines, primal forests, snowy mountains, and many other geographical features that will blow your mind away. The culture too is impressive, with strong Maori, European, and Asian influences creating a straightforward urban life devoid of the sophistication of Europe or the US but just as comfortable. Whether you plan to visit New Zealand for a week or for a month, we at First Business Flights can help you find the most convenient first class / business class flights so that you’ll have a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

business class flights to new zealand


Plane tickets to New Zealand aren’t too cheap, especially if you’re flying from America (the west coast in particular) or Europe. That’s because the distance is long and the number of airlines offering flights is relatively limited, at least compared to other destinations. Saving money by settling for the second class isn’t necessarily a good idea – you probably want to reach your destination in a good mental and physical state, and the first class / business class is where all the comfort is. Instead of buying second class tickets, let us find for you affordable first class / business class flights that include must-have services during long flights, like fine food, chair that can be reclined and used as a bed, and spa and fitness access in the airport lounge.

business class tickets to new zealand


There are several international airports in New Zealand, and we can help you book flights to the one that is most convenient for you. The airport in Auckland, the most important port in New Zealand, is where most travelers end up in, but you may also want to consider the airports in Christchurch, Wellington, or Rotorua. It doesn’t matter which you choose – we can help you book in advance the best first class / business class flights to New Zealand without any hassle. And the great thing about flying over New Zealand is that the scenery is simply stunning.

Great For Travelers

Our booking system is great for travelers who want to book high quality flights to New Zealand. It’s fast, easy to use, and flexible, enabling you to compare flights and find the best ones quickly, so you can begin exploring the country right away. Auckland, Wellington, or Dunedin all are interesting cities with many local attractions, but the country’s wonders are truly out there in nature, where you’ll find the great volcano of Rotorua, the emerald-green Whanganui River, the subtropical forest in Northland, the Eerie Waitomo caverns, the beaches around Nelson, the magnificent glaciers at Fox and Franz Josef, and the spectacular Marlborough wineries. There’s much to see in New Zealand, and we can help you reach your destination in no time.


Book your flights with us to enjoy:

  • The most comfortable flights to New Zealand you can get.
  • Fine dining in the airplane.
  • Stress-less flight.
  • Warm and friendly airplane crew.
  • Spa, fitness, and other amenities available in the airport lounge.
  • Luxury car for transportation between airport terminals.

New Zealand’s scenery and natural attractions will make your jaw drop. Book your first class / business class flight today!

3 Main International Airports in New Zealand

  • Auckland International Airport, Auckland
  • Christchurch International Airport, Christchurch
  • Wellington International Airport, Wellington


Destination Photos

3Auckland Zoo
4Sky Tower
6Abel Tasman National Park

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