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Flights to Milan

Flights to Milan

Flights to Milan
Milan has reputation of being the financial and business center of Italy, as well as its fashion and shopping capital. Milan is a symbol of modern Italy, busy, exciting and cosmopolitan, though the city actually has 26 centuries of history. It has beautiful sites and fantastic shopping zone, as well as a thrilling night life with many dance clubs open until the morning hours. Milan fascinates the travelers with the great football games that could be watched here, just as with the impressive opera performances.

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Milan’s Airports

The city of Milan is served by two large international airports and one small airport used by the budget airlines. The largest airport near Milan is Milano Malpensa Airport, set 40 km from the center of the city and reached with the help of public buses and taxi, while further it has connection to Linate airport by a scheduled bus. Milano Malpensa Airport has two main terminals and three runways. Its onsite amenities include modern first class and business class lounge with conference and business facilities, rental car offices, bank offices and ATM machines. Milano Malpensa Airport features several restaurants, cafes and shops.

The second international airport that serves Milan is Linate Airport, which is smaller is size, but closer to the center. This airport usually handles the domestic destinations and some European destinations as well.

The third airport near Milan is called Orio al Serio Airport, which is set near Bergamo and it handles the low-coast airline companies.

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Traveling around Milan

Traveling around Milan could be very pleasant, as the public transport network is very efficient. The best used means of transport include the underground lines of the metro and the trams. There are also buses, trains and taxis. Exploring the city by bicycle is also a possibility.

If you like to walk and want to see the main landmarks of the city, you can do that as well as they are all set a short walk from each other.

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What to do in Milan

Milan is a lovely city to walk around, contemplate the locals and the tourists and enjoy life. It is a city with many outdoor cafes, beautiful parks with a lot of greenery, lovely squares and many, many shops.

When in Milan you can watch Milan football club playing at Stadium Giuseppe Meazza, climb the stairs of Duomo roof or Branca Tower and enjoy the panoramic view over the city.

It would be a great idea to visit one of the exhibition fairs in Milan, most of which set in the central zone of the city.

Many people come to Milan to shop, as the city is capital of high fashion with its numerous boutiques and shopping centers. However, do not forget to dine outside as well, after all you are in Italy and the food here is delicious!

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Must-See Milan Landmarks

The city of Milan has beautiful historical sites and lovely architecture. Among the must see places in the city are one of the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world Duomo, the opera house La Scala, the arcaded shopping gallery Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

The Pirelli tower is also not to be missed, along with the Santa Maria alle Grazie Basilica which is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO and which hosts one of the most recognizable paintings in the world “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.

The museums in Milan which deserve the attention include Pinacoteca do Brera and Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, the Palazzo Reale, as well as Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology.

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