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Business Class Flights to Manila

Business Class Flights to Manila

First Business Flights – Manila

1The second largest city in the Philippines, Manila is also the country’s capital city. Situated on the Manila Bay eastern shore, it is the most densely populated city in the world.

While it still retains some of its original charms, Manila is a global city with a number of educational and scientific institutions, along with several historically and culturally significant institutions. Manila also has strengths in the areas of the arts, healthcare, media, commerce, education, entertainment, tourism, and so much more.

Manila has a reputation for being the cultural, political, historical and educational center of the Philippines, which makes it a great destination for business and leisure trips alike.


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Manila’s Airport


The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is also referred to as the Manila International Airport, and is it the airport that serves the city of Manila and its surrounding areas. The Manila International Airport is the primary international gateway for those who are traveling to the Philippines, and it is also the hub for all Philippine-based airlines.

With three large terminals, and ongoing expansions to improve the capability of the airport, Manila’s airport is poised to continue being the primary gateway for the Philippines. Terminal Two is used exclusively by Philippine Airlines and handles both international and domestic flights. There are a number of restaurants and cafes located around each terminal, and there is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy some duty-free shopping.

Moving between terminals is easy, with shuttles that will get you there swiftly so that you can make your connecting flights on time.

Being the hub for Philippine Airlines means that the lounge at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is second to none. With a large beverage bar, you can quench your thirst, and then also enjoy a great snack or a full meal. There is also a full-service business center and free Wi-Fi so that you can keep in touch while waiting for your flights. There are a number of other great amenities that will ensure that your flight is the first class experience that you deserve.

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Getting Around Manila


One of the biggest complaints about Manila is typically that it is prone to serious traffic problems, especially during rush hour. Despite the potential for traffic snarls, you’ll be pleased to learn that public transportation is relatively cheap. Taxis are very readily available, and you’ll have no problem hailing one. Cab drivers are friendly and are typically happily to have great discussions with you about local attractions.

There is a local bus system, but they are not permitted on many of the streets in the center of the city. But if you need to get between some of the main roads, buses are cheap and readily available. Buses will have their destinations on their windows, which will help you to readily navigate your way through the bus system.

While the traffic snarls can be a bit off-putting, you may find that renting a car is one of the better ways to get around the city, and particularly if you plan on exploring outside of the city center. There are rental car companies at the airport and also at some of the major hotels around the city.

One of the things that Manila is famous for are the Jeepneys that bring a bit of bright and colorful fun to the city streets. Often cheaper than taxis, riding in a Jeepney can be all at once a fun adventure, and an experience you won’t soon forget.

What to do in Manila


One of the unforgettable experiences you are sure to have in Manila is spending some time at Mabuhay Restop. Found in the very heart of the Rizal Park, there are a number of museums, along with plenty of live entertainment and delicious food that offers an authentic Philippine flavor. Live music, art exhibits, singing, and so much more offers an amazing experience that you won’t soon forget.

While not the most impressive of churches and museums, the San Agustin Museum offers a great atmosphere with architectural features that simply need to be seen in order to be wholly appreciated. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, and does have a great collection of artifacts and paintings on display.

With several acres of serene and beautifully landscaped gardens, Rizal Park boasts amazing sculptures, points of historical interest, event venues, live entertainment, and so much more. Rizal Park is much more than just a nice place to take a walk, it offers an insight into the diverse culture that makes Manila such a popular destination.

The Binondo district is known for being the Chinatown of Manila. Here you will find amazing Buddhist temples, theatres, and of course plenty of restaurants offering some of the best Chinese dishes, with just a hint of Filipino influence.

The Malacanang Palace and Museum was originally a private palace. Today it is the seat of the Philippine government, and there is a great museum that is open to the public.

Must-See Manila Landmarks


The oldest district in Manila, the Walled City (Intramuros) is the remainder of what was the fortified city under the control of the Spanish when they held power over the Philippines for several centuries. There are historical points of interest, and it is just a great place to enjoy a few hours absorbing the rich history of this global city.

Casa Manila stands as a showcase of the opulence that was so prevalent when the Filipino aristocracy was in rule. A replica of a mid-19th century house, this large building in an impressive site to behold.

Fort Santiago is both a public park and museum. It was first built around the 17th century as a stone fortress. All at once impressive and interesting, Fort Santiago is worth the trip.

Both a landmark spot and an amazing place to visit, Manila Bay offers beautiful sunsets that are truly unmatched by many others in the world. Be sure to head on down to the bay to take in the raw beauty of the pinks and oranges that light up the sky.

Your trip to Manila, whether for business or some much-needed rest and relaxation, is certain to be one that is filled with plenty of great memories. First Business Flights is dedicated to providing only the lowest prices on tickets. Many discounted ticket deals are not necessarily available to every reservation service, which is what puts our company in a prime position to provide you with the best rates that will make yours a trip to truly remember for many good years to come.

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