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Business Class Flights to Korea

Business Class Flights to Korea

First Class/Business Class Flights to Korea

A fantastic place to visit, Korea is a travel destination for both business and leisure travelers alike. The country has an impressive list of places for sightseeing that will delight the visitor. Among its must see destinations are included the capital Seoul, the Secret Garden, the Seoul Tower and the Museum of the Teddy Bear. Travelers should also not miss the bridge Banpo and the island Yeouido, with its numerous parks, nor the beach Haeundae.  If you have decided to fly to Korea, do it with style by getting a first class or a business class seat at the airplane. First Business Flights can offer you great discounts, so that you can save money while enjoying the available amenities before and during the flight.


Compact in size, South Korea is easy to reach and explore by flying. The country is served by seven international airports, which handle great deal of flights. People fly to South Korea to go on karaoke nights, to learn taekwondo, to go on hiking tours in Hallasan and Seoraksan and to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the province of Kangwon-do. Leisure tourists and business travelers are now happy to find out that First Business Flights can offer them first class seats and business class flights that come available at a very low price. They will be able to save money while making most of the airplane comforts.

There are seven international airports in South Korea and these are the airports of Busan and Cheongju, Jeju and Daegu, Seoul Incheon and Muan. There are other international airports which however are smaller in size and do not offer regular flight services. The largest airport is Seoul Incheon with regular flights to Europe and the United States, followed by Busan Gimhae with connections to China and Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Russia and Thailand, etc. Jeju Airport covers the flight from the South Korean cities and some international flights to Japan, China and Taiwan, as well as the airport Seoul Gimpo which serves the domestic flights to many South Korean cities.

Great for Travelers

If you have already seen the city of Seoul or have practiced taekwondo and have been to a karaoke bar, maybe you should thing of something different. There is an interesting Mud Festival to be attended, in the city of Boryeong with a nice beach nearby. If you would like the water amusement parks better, then it might be a good idea to visit the provinces of Gyeonggi-do and Kangwon-do and check the parks Caribbean Bay, Ocean World, Ocean 700 and Girls Generation. You can start planning your trip immediately, but before than you should book your first class ticket by First Business Flights and get it at the right price. Once you save money on your airplane ticket you will have enough to spend on entertainment.


Business or first class flight to Korea comes with reasonable price and many services such as:

  • expansive airplane seat to be used as a fully comfortable bed
  • tasty dining on board
  • luxury transportation between the airport terminals
  • special access to elegant airport lounges with many amenities

Destination Photos


Bridge Bunpo



Island Yeouido



Boryeong Mud Festival



Everland themepark in Gyeonggi-do


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