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Flights to Japan

Flights to Japan

Flights to Japan

Japan or the Land of the Rising Sun as it is often called, is splendid country that will really surprise you with its contrasts. It is a meeting point of the old traditions and the technologies of the future. Travelers come here to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, to be part of its busy nightlife and to try its exceptional cuisine, as well as to make business. Japan is famous with its temples and perfectly arranged gardens, as well as with its tea ceremonies. Actually one can never be bored in Japan, only truly fascinated. In order to reach Japan fast and to enjoy every minute of the trip, one should book first class or business class airplane ticket from First Business Flights. The company provides the cheapest airplane tickets available and offers personalized service.


Japan is a wonderful destination for business travelers and tourists. It has many cities, the major of which being the capital and financial center Tokyo, the port city of Hiroshima, the historic city of Kanazawa, the cultural center Kyoto which once was also a capital city. Further to be seen are the port city of Nagasaki, the city of Nara with its historical sites, the dynamic city of Osaka, the city of Sapporo with its snow festival, as well as the city of forests – Sendai. These are just a few of the destinations in Japan that you can visit. First Business Flights can provide you airplane tickets for first class and business class at a much discounted price.

The main airport in Japan are four. The intercontinental flights arrive near Tokyo at Narita Airport or near Osaka at Kansai Airport. Other companies choose the International Airport Chubu near the city of Nagoya.  The other large airport near Tokyo is called Haneda Airport and it mainly handles the domestic flights

Almost every large city in Japan is served by an airport, most of them offering domestic connections and some of them offer services to Korea and China.

Japan has a wonderful transport system and flying around the country is quite popular. Some of the short domestic flights in the area of Osaka and Tokyo are done with jumbo jets. To travel in style and pay a reasonable price for your trip, contact First Business Flights team and make your booking.

Great for Travelers

Japan has wonderful castles, the most famous ones located on the island of Shikoku, Kansai, Chugoku and Chubo regions. It has many ruins that have been reconstructed, as well as plenty of spiritual sites. The country is famous for its landscaped gardens, where the largest of all and the one most favorite to the travelers is the Ritsurin park. In the Zen Buddhism temples could be found many rock and sand gardens. You can see all those beautiful sites by booking a trip to Japan. Take your first class or business class ticket through First Business Flights and enjoy your comfortable flight.


Flying first class or business class to Japan is a real pleasure. You are going to or from one of the countries with most advanced technologies in the world. And now thanks to First Business Flights you can enjoy a lovely and very comfortable flight at a very low price. You also get:

  • Superb meal and drinks on board
  • Immediate access to all first class airport lounges
  • Luxurious transportation between the terminals
  • Comfortable seating on the airplane 

Japan is there waiting for you to explore its sites and to enjoy its cuisine. Reserve your first class flight ticket through First Business Flights company.

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