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Business Class Flights to Indonesia

Business Class Flights to Indonesia

First Class & Business Class Flights to Indonesia
The largest archipelago and the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia is basically a huge network of 18,110 islands, only a third of which are inhabited. The islands of Java and Bali are the best-known in Indonesia for Westerners, being popular travel destinations. Whether you’re heading to Indonesia to admire the scenery or to do business in its developing cities, your flight will probably last a few hours, which is why you want to book first class / business class flights for maximum comfort. First Business Flights can help you with the booking.



For Western travelers, Indonesia doesn’t seem too expensive, at least compared to other destinations in southeastern Asia – hotels, motels, and establishments offering services to foreigners are relatively affordable. If you want an affordable first class / business class flight as well, though, you will want to use our bookmarking service to find it. Many plane tickets offered by Indonesian airlines can be pricey, especially if you don’t book them at least a week or two in advance. With our service you can save tens, if not hundreds of dollars while getting the best quality flights available.



There are plenty International airports in Indonesia, scattered throughout its many islands. Most airports are in the big island of Java, where Jakarta is, the country’s capital. Since Java offers several international airports, choosing among them can be difficult. To make things easier for you, we offer you the best deals available for first class / business class flights from all airports, allowing you to compare airlines and services. We also make sure that you get high quality services before, during, and after your flight, including fine dining, shuttle service, and special amenities in the airport lounge.

Great For Travelers

Indonesia is noted for its beautiful scenery and many local attractions, some of which have fascinated the imagination of travelers for hundreds of years. Jakarta and the other major cities are quite congested, but they offer a spectacular blend of traditionalism and modernism, which is visible not only in the buildings and districts, but also in the dress, attitude, and behavior of the people. Apart from the capital, you will want to see Manado, a Christian city famous for diving, Bandung, a cool university town, Yogyakarta, the cultural center of the country, where the fabulous Borobudur temple can be found, as well as the Raja Ampat scuba diving destination in Papua, which offers a fabulous diversity of corals. Before leaving Indonesia make sure you also head over to the Komodo National Park, and the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba. Book a first class / business class flight with First Business Flights today and tomorrow you can begin exploring Indonesia.


Booking your first class/ business class flights with First Business Flights brings you a couple of great benefits, regardless of your destination:

  • Speedy and convenient flight that includes excellent dinning services.
  • Top quality airplane services during the flight.
  • Fitness, spa, and other relaxing amenities in the airport lounge.
  • High-class transportation between airport terminals via luxury car.
  • Option to book in advance for peace of mind.

3 Main International Airports in Indonesia

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

Denpasar International Airport, Denpasar

Surabaya Juanda International Airport, Surabaya

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3One of Indonesia’s 150 Volcanoes
4Indonesian Cuisine
5One of Indonesia’s Many Exotic Beaches

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