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Business Class Flights to Hungary

Business Class Flights to Hungary

First Class/Business Class Flights to Hungary

Hungary is a lovely country with impressive nature and interesting cultural heritage. Travelers are amazed by its beautiful low mountains and Great plain, by its meandering rivers and the second biggest thermal lake on the globe – Balaton. The country enjoys a central location in Europe and is easily accessible. The easiest and fastest way to arrive in Hungary or go back to your home country is by flying. First Business Flights can secure you the most reasonably priced tickets for a first class or a business class flight to Hungary, so that you can reach your destination in comfort. The professionals at First Business Flights are able to assist you in all case – no matter if you are in need of a flight ticket for tomorrow or for a trip in a few months.


Hungary ranks among the first fifteen tourist destinations in the entire world and its capital Budapest is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. The country is not large in size, but hosts many landmarks that are included in the list of the World Heritage Sites, several large biosphere reserves and the most spacious grassland on the European continent. In Hungary is placed the largest synagogue in Europe, the third largest European Church and the largest medical bath in Europe. Some tourists come to see Budapest; others want to visit the second biggest castle in baroque style in the world. Some of the visitors are further intrigued to find that in Budapest is situated the second largest underground in Europe after the one in London. First Business Flights can provide you with the cheapest first class and business class flight tickets to Hungary.

All regular, budget, first class and business class flights to Hungary are operated by two main international airports. These are the Budapest International Airport Ferenc Liszt once known as Ferihegy Airport and the Airport Debrecen in the city with the same name. There are two other international airports that are less used such as Gyor-Per and Pecs-Pogany. Some of the travelers to Hungary also use Vienna International Airport and then transfer to buses – the bus ride being only three hours. First Business Flights can offer you excellent first class and business class airfares with a great discount.

Great for Travelers

There are so many things to be seen in Hungary that you will need to make a sightseeing program and follow it strictly. Among the best known sites are the city of Budapest itself with the old city and the castle, the Holloko old village and the Aggtelek Caves,  the Abbey Millenary Benedictine, the National Park Hortobagy, the cultural landscape Ferto and the wine region of Tokaj. Other sites that should not be missed include Lake Balaton and the wine hills, as well as the thermal spa area Heviz. No matter if you are coming on sightseeing or on a business trip, you can always treat yourself with a first class flight to Hungary – now available at a discounted price thanks to First Business Flights.


You deserve a luxury travel to Hungary and if you contact First Business Flights you will get it. The services that go with the first class flights include:

  • Direct access to the luxury airport lounges
  • comfortable transportation between the terminals in an elegant car
  • tasty meal during the flight and a great glass of champagne
  • fully reclining luxury seat on the airplane

With all its beauties, it comes as no surprise that Hungary is such a popular destination. Enjoy your travel with style!

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Lake Balaton


Aggtelek caves



Millenary Benedictine


Tokaj wine region



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