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Business Class Flights to Ghana

Business Class Flights to Ghana

First Class & Business Class Flights to Ghana

Located in West Africa, Ghana is one of the most prosperous and politically stable countries in the region, a developing nation that impresses travelers with its warm and friendly people, great national parks, and delightful landscapes. The people that make up Ghana come from different tribal cultures, and with their traditional bright clothes, bubbling spirits, and tasty cuisine are perhaps Ghana’s biggest attraction. We at First Business Class Flights can help you meet the delightful Ghanese and their interesting country by offering you affordable first class / business class flights to Ghana.


Because of the distance, regular flights to Ghana can be a long, arduous experience, one that will stress you and leave you sore. What’s more, they’re not cheap either. The good news is that we can offer you a better alternative – high-quality yet cheap first class / business class flights to Ghana which offer you all the comfort and services you need to reach your destination well-rested and in a great mood. We work directly with airlines and filter their offers, so that we can present you with the best deals available. Our offers include significant discounts that you won’t be able to find through your local travel agencies.



Ghana has two international airports, and First Business Flights can help you book tickets to both of them, days or even weeks in advance. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, we recommend that you book your tickets at least a week in advance. Not only does this give you more time to prepare for your trip and learn more about Ghana, but often it also means you save money, since many airlines can offer special deals for early booking. When choosing your flight, make sure you take into account the distance between the airport on which you’ll land to your final destination, since road traveling in Ghana can be a slow affair.

Great for Travelers

Our first class / business class flights to Ghana enable you to reach your destination quickly so you can start exploring the country. Accra, the capital, is a rapidly-developing city, so much so that you will often run into women in bright traditional robes texting on their smartphones in the cool shade. You’ll find all the bars, restaurants, shops, and clubs you’ll need in Accra, as well as delightful people. But the real fun is in the countryside: the stunning Labadi beach, the Elmina castle, the wonderful national parks like Kakum or Mole, where you can admire herds of elephants and of antelopes, the many European forts scattered throughout the Western coast, and last but not least, the rich forests in Volta to the east.


Book your first class / business class flight to Ghana with us and you will fly to your destination in style. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Simple and convenient booking system.
  • Best prices possible.
  • Delightful food and drinks during your flight.
  • Maximum comfort, including reclining seat.
  • Fitness, spa, and other relaxing airport amenities.
  • Luxury car transportation.

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International Airports in Ghana

  • Kotoka Airport, Accra
  • Kumasi Airport, Kumasi


3Labadi Beach
4Kakum National Park
5Mole National Park
6Elmina Castle

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