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Flights to Frankfurt

Flights to Frankfurt

Flights to Frankfurt

fly business to FrankfurtFrankfurt is more than Germany’s business and financial center; it is also the largest financial hub in all of Europe. While in terms of square footage, Frankfurt is a relatively small city, it offers no end of things to see and do.

Frankfurt is an incredible destination for business travelers and for those in search of enrichment and other tourist attractions.

The vast appeal of this incredible city often means that it can be something of a challenge to score a great deal on flight into this history-infused city.

The booking geniuses at First Business Flights make use of a number of specialized reservation tools that provide exclusive access to discounted tickets that other reservation portals simply cannot offer. First Business Flights boasts a team of experts who have immense experience at finding the best last minute deals and first class routes to Frankfurt. First Business Flights will present you with the best deals for your traveling needs.

Frankfurt’s Airports

business class to FrankfurtWith its location placing Frankfurt neatly in the heart of Germany, it is in a prime position to be an exceptionally busy transportation hub. Getting in and out of Frankfurt is a breeze when First Business Flights takes care of your travel arrangements. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is the third busiest airport in all of Europe, and the ninth busiest airport across the globe.

Due to the business and financial status of Frankfurt, all major airlines offer connections to this German City.

Frankfort Airport has two terminals, with a third scheduled for completion in 2017. Terminal One is the home of the German-based Lufthansa airline, while other airlines servicing the airport utilize Terminal Two.

Most major airports offer VIP lounges, and Frankfort Airport is no different. Your first or business class boarding passes will allow you entrance into the LUXX Lounge, the SKY Lounge, and many others. The LUXX Lounge has a reputation for being amongst the top airport lounges in all of Europe. Your entrance into the lounge will provide you access to a complementary open bar, great choices in fresh food, and open Wi-Fi. A conference room is also available for those who need additional privacy.

Discuss your options for lounge access with your reservation specialist at First Business Flights so that you can take full advantage of these luxurious settings.

Traveling Around Frankfurt

business class travel FrankfurtFrankfurt offers a world class transportation system that makes it effortless to navigate your way around the city. The rapid transit underground rail system is one of the better methods of navigating Frankfurt. The high speed rail system is popular amongst commuters, but is also a great way for guests to the city to navigate their way around this historical destination. Budget friendly and fast, this is one of the best ways for you to see Frankfurt.

There are also several trams that make their way around the city. The trams are available every fifteen minutes, which ensures that they are there when you need them. Trams can offer a way to explore more of the city, and to explore some of the areas outside of the city center that are perhaps not serviced by the underground rail system.

There is also a superior bus service and plenty of taxis to help you make your way comfortably around the city. Comfort is of the utmost importance when you are traveling to international destinations. First Business Flights works tirelessly to ensure that your journey is well-organized and comfortable, so that you will arrive in Frankfurt feeling refreshed and excited for the experience you are about to have.

Get flights that will ensure you travel at your preferred comfort level, at a price that you can afford. Our travel team will work with your departure dates and help to maximize your savings.

What to do in Frankfurt

business class flights to FrankfurtWhether it’s your first trip to Frankfurt, or you are a frequent visitor to this city with the futuristic skyline, you will find that there are countless things to keep you occupied while you are in Frankfurt.

The Römer is a medieval-aged building that is also one of Frankfurt’s most recognizable landmarks. While it is not actually a museum, as the Römer is actually used by the city for official reasons, it offers awe-inspiring archaeological features that everyone can appreciate.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum offers amazing collections that are a lot of fun for guests of all ages. The display of dinosaurs is alone worth the visit to this large museum. Marvel at the tiny trilobite and appreciate the magnificence of the mighty T-Rex. The complete insect collection is always a big hit with younger museum guests.

One of the tallest buildings in Frankfurt, the Main Tower offers phenomenal 360 views of the city. Take the elevator, day or night, and then appreciate the breathtaking views of this truly amazing German city.

Enjoy 50 acres of natural beauty at Frankfurt’s botanical gardens, Palmengarten. With tropical trees, rare orchids, ferns, and so much more, you’ll appreciate some of nature’s best at this arboretum.

business class tickets to FrankfurtThe Old Opera House was destroyed in 1944, by Allied bombings, but has since been restored to its former glory. It is a superb place to enjoy numerous operas and concerts, or simply visit and marvel at the architectural wonder that it is.

Liebieghaus is a great art museum that houses an impressive collection of sculptures and artworks from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. The castle-like museum is a must-see for those who appreciate artwork.

The Frankfurt zoo is home to more than 5,000 animals, some of whom are on the endangered species list. First founded in 1858, the Frankfurt Zoo offers something for children of all ages, and those who are young at heart.

Must-See Frankfurt Landmarks

St. Paul’s Church is a towering structure that holds a great amount of historic and political symbolism in Germany. This church started as a Lutheran Church, but later became the seat of the Frankfurt Parliament. Today it is no longer used as a church or the political center of Frankfurt, but this former house of prayer does house many important ceremonies and events in Frankfurt. It also houses several collections that have historical relevance and can be interesting to view.

6Zeilgalerie is an impressive architectural success that is also a very popular shopping center. There are around 70 shops on the 10 floors of the structure, each offering something unique for both locals and tourists alike. Enjoy some time shopping, or simply enjoy some time spent appreciating this lively hub of Frankfurt activity.

The Eurpaturm is a telecommunications tower that is more than 1,100ft tall. An engineering feat unlike many others in Frankfurt, the tower was completed in 1979, where it took the honor of being the tallest free-standing structure in all of Germany. An elevator takes guests to the top of the tower, where panoramic views of Frankfurt can be found.

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