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Business Class Flights to France

Business Class Flights to France

First Class/Business Class Flights to France
France is among the top destinations for travelers in Europe as it has plenty of beautiful landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and idyllic rural villages. The country is among the most geographically diverse European countries as it borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountain range and has a long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. For more than two decades the country has been the most popular destination for travelers ever. The best visited areas in France include the capita Paris with its major landmarks, cultural sites and attractions; the luxury French Riviera and the Atlantic beaches, the castles of Loire Valley, Normandy and Brittany, as well as the French Alps winter ski resorts. France is known for its impressive culture and fashion scene, its wonderful gourmet cuisine – especially its wines and cheeses, and its history. The most comfortable way to travel to and from France is by booking a business class flight or a first class seat. Contact First Business Flights and you will get your airplane ticket at a wonderful discounted price.


France has many destinations that are appealing to the travelers. The best visited sites include the romantic capital of Paris with its Eiffel Tower and Louvre, the city of Bordeaux known as the French capital of wine, the city of Bourges with its canals and gardens and the city of Strasbourg with its marvelous historical center. The other tourist areas that provoke the interest include the cities of Lille and Lyon, the harbor city of Marseille, the green city of Nantes, the city of Toulouse with its brick architecture. It is a real luxury to travel to France with a first class ticket or on a business class seat. Contact First Business Flights and have a comfortable flight experience at a bargain price.


The main airport in France which handles the international and intercontinental flights is Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris. The airport has three terminals, luxurious airport lounges and various comfortable ways to reach the city of Paris. Some of the budget airlines that travel to Paris usually land at the Beauvais airport, which is placed some 80 km outside the center of the city.

The rest of the regional airports in France include the ones at Bordeaux and Lille, Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon, Nantes and Nice, Marseille and Toulouse. They all receive and offer flights to major Western Europe destinations.

There are yet two additional airports that are shared between France and its neighboring country Switzerland and these are the airports near Geneva and Bale-Mulhouse.

First Business Flights can not only direct you to the best airport for you to use depending on your travel plans, but also can provide you with an incredibly low prices on all first class and business class flights to and from France.

Great for Travelers

Are you heading towards Paris to enjoy its parks, cultural sites, museums and art galleries? Or maybe you have planned a holiday on the southeastern coast in the city of Marseille? Do you imagine a walk along the marvelous banks of Loire River in Nantes? Do you need a short vacation in the city of Toulouse or the idyllic city of Nice? Do you plan to attend a business meeting in Lyon?

France is a wonderful destination and one trip will never be enough. It is known for its lovely architecture, well-preserved medieval castles and vast winemaking regions like Loire Valley and Luberon. Tourists love the resorts at the French Alps and the French Riviera known as Cote d’Azur, while the kids are truly entertained at the greatest attraction in Paris – Disneyland. Those who are into outdoor sports prefer a trip to the Verdon Gorge where are offered plenty of options for rock-climbing, hiking and kayaking.


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  • Transportation between the airport terminals in a luxury car.

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Destination Photos

  • The Louvre in Paris
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Nice
  • The French Alps

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