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Business Class Flights to Egypt

Business Class Flights to Egypt

First Class / Business Class Flights to Egypt

Egypt is not only an immensely popular travel destination, but also one of the financial centers in the Middle East. Its huge capital Cairo has a population of over 7 million people and offers a unique juxtaposition of mosques and bazaars with skyscrapers and ultra-modern buildings. Cairo has only one international airport, though, and flights to it from other continents can be quite pricey. But you shouldn’t worry. We at First Business Flights can help you get the cheapest first class / business class flights to Cairo and other important Egyptian cities right from the comfort of your home.



Millions of foreigners fly to Egypt every year. Most are tourists, but there are also more and more Americans, Europeans, and even Asians who come to do business in the country of the Pharaohs. Cairo has developed much in recent years, becoming an inviting city for foreign businesspersons, whether they come on corporate assignments or on their own, looking for investment ventures or to strike agreements with local merchants.

The influx of foreigners that Egypt – and in particularly Cairo – has received in recent years has greatly diversified options for travelers, in terms of flights as well as of accommodations. Having too many choices in a foreign country can be confusing. We looked at all first class / business class flights available and selected only the most affordable ones for you, those that provide the best value in terms of flight services, airport amenities, and transportation between terminals.



If you’re heading for Cairo, you’ll land on the International Cairo Airport. Since your flight will take probably a few hours at least, it’s important to reach your destination in good spirits to be ready to deal with the seething life of the city – the Egyptian capital is hectic all the time. You’ll want fine dining during your flight, as well as a friendly and helpful flight staff ready to answer your questions.

But above all, you’ll need a comfortable seat and a relaxed atmosphere. That’s why first class / business class flights to Egypt are the best choice for you. Even if you prefer to land in one of Egypt’s other major airports, like El Nohza in Alexandria or Luxor Airport in Luxor, you’ll still want to get the best quality flight possible, at a good price of course.

Great For Travelers

Flying first class to Egypt is a good idea not only if you’re a businessperson, but also if you’re a tourist. There’s much to see in Egypt, including pyramids, ancient temples, and the great Nile. Cairo itself is a city full of attractions, with a bustling social life and endless hotspots, from museums and art galleries to modern shopping centers. Whether you’re heading for a tour of the Pyramids of Giza, or for a dive in the Sinai Peninsula teeming with coral reefs and colorful fish, or for a trip to one of the Western Desert Oases, you will want to arrive at your destination well rested, to be ready to discover the wonders of a marvelous country.


Buy your tickets with First Business Flights to enjoy:

  • High-quality flights from your country all the way to faraway Egypt.
  • A fine meal during your long flight.
  • Comfortable airplane seat you can use as a bed.
  • Quick access to fitness and spa amenities once you land.
  • Luxury car shuttle service between terminals.

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3 Main International Airports in Egypt

Cairo International Airport, Cairo

El Nohza Airport, Alexandria

Hurghada Airport, Hurghada

Destination Photos

3Egyptian Museum, Cairo
4Giza Pyramids
6Egyptian Seaside

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