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Business Class Flights to Cairo

Business Class Flights to Cairo

First Business Flights – Cairo
2Cairo is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, and is the capital city of Egypt. Situated near the Nile Delta, Cairo has for centuries been the center of Egyptian cultural and political life.

With a rich and diverse history, Cairo is a popular destination for business and for those who are looking to spend some time exploring what remains of Ancient Egypt, including the cities of Giza and Memphis.

A city that offers plenty of contemporary conveniences, intermingled with the charms of tradition, Cairo is certain to be a destination that you hold dear for many good years to come.

Using industry leading tools that allow exclusive access to often hidden airfares, First Business Flights can help you to make your dreams of visiting Cairo come true. Allow our reservation specialists to find you the best airfare so that you can travel in the comfort and luxury that you deserve.

Cairo’s Airport


Cairo is served by the Cairo International Airport. It is the busiest airport in Egypt, and is the second busiest airport in all of Africa. The airport serves as the primary hub for the airline Egypt Air. Egypt Air is the largest domestic or international operator at the airport, but more than 45 other airlines pass through the Cairo International Airport.

The airport boasts four terminals, all of which have been updated to ensure that the airport continues with its ability to support the thousands of passengers that pass through its terminals. There are numerous retail outlets and restaurants to provide passengers with everything they are looking for while waiting for their flights.

3There are a number of luxuriously appointed lounges in the Cairo International Airport, including the Egypt Air Business Class Lounge. Offering a peaceful respite from the busy airport, this beautiful lounge has a full-service business lounge, along with plenty of fresh food and beverages for the traveler on the go. Whether you are looking for a nice hot shower or simply somewhere to escape and read the newspaper, this luxurious lounge will provide everything you need to thoroughly enjoy the travel experience.

First Business Flights has travel professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that your travel experience is the first class experience that you deserve. Whether you are visiting for a few days for business, or you are taking the family for an enriching experience, our knowledgeable travel professionals will find the lowest prices on your tickets so that you can get the most out of your trip to this historic part of the world.

Getting Around Cairo


One of the best methods of getting around Cairo is to engage one of the many taxis that are in the city. It is important that you always work out the fee with your taxi driver prior to getting into the cab. Taxis will get you in and around the city without much trouble, but it’s best to be aware that not all taxi services are created equally. It is often recommended that you ask your hotel to help you arrange reliable taxi services for the duration of your stay.

There is also a fairly reliable bus service in Cairo, and it should be able to get you where you want to go. Just be sure to always confirm that you are on the right bus, as it can sometimes get a little bit confusing during rush hour.

The Cairo Metro is considered to be perhaps the most efficient functional forms of public transportation in Cairo. During rush hour, like all other forms of transportation in the city, it can be very crowded. For women, there are women-only cars, which can be the better choice for women who are traveling in the city alone. The Metro lines will get you around the city in almost no time at all, and is an efficient cheap mode of transportation.

There really is no need to rent a car in Cairo, and in fact it can prove to be more of a hassle than it is worth. You would be better served by hiring a car service to get you to your destination without much trouble.

Cairo, despite its busy vibe, is actually a great city to explore on foot. So grab a map and some comfortable shoes, you are sure to see so much more of this amazing city while on foot.

What to do in Cairo


Your visit to Cairo is going to be unlike any other destination in the world. Start your trip to Cairo with a trip to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. This world-famous museum is home to the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world. The museum currently has more than 120,000 pieces on display, with countless in storage and on loan to other museums across the planet. This is a great experience for those with a love of history, and can also offer an enjoyable educational experience for children.

The Al-Azhar Park is not necessarily a spot for historical experiences, but this outdoor venue also boasts several restaurants and is just a nice place to simply enjoy some time outdoors appreciating the Cairo ambience.

The oldest section of Cairo is the former Roman stronghold, which today is the heart of what is known as the Coptic Christian community. Three of the world’s major religions are represented in this area, with the first mosque that was constructed in Egypt, along with the oldest synagogue in this region of the world.

The Solar Boat Museum is an often overlooked little museum that is situated right next to the Giza Pyramids. It offers an interesting example of the ancient Egyptian craftsmanship, with a boat that was unearthed at the foot of the pyramids. It is thought to have been one of the royal boats, and it is easy to imagine how this vessel must have looking when it once rode high upon the Nile.

Be certain to visit the cultural hub that is the Cairo Opera House. With two opera halls and a lovely open-air theatre, the Cairo Opera House is shared between the Cairo Opera Company and the Cairo Ballet Company.

If you are traveling with children, Dreamland Park is a great destination. The Dreamland Park offers a number of rollercoasters and other rides for all ages. There are also a lot of restaurants and other activities at the theme park.

Consider also taking a cruise on the Nile. This a great opportunity to enjoy some authentic Cairo.

Must-See Cairo Landmarks


No trip to Cairo would be complete of course without a trip to see some of the pyramids that dot the landscape around the city. Perhaps the best pyramid to see is the Cheops pyramid in Giza. Just a few minutes outside of Cairo, this impressive structure is the burial site of the pharaoh Khufu. Be sure to mind the signs that warn against climbing the exterior of the pyramid, and against photography once you are inside.

The Sphinx is located near the pyramid in Giza, and it is an easy walk. Photography is allowed, but climbing on the structure is not permitted.

Situated in downtown Cairo, the Pharoanic Village offers a yacht cruise that will take you through a number of ancient Egyptian settings. Each setting offers an insight into the traditional way of Egyptian life, and is a great experience for everyone. Once the cruise ends, you’ll find plenty of gift shops and opportunity for eating some traditional Egyptian fare.

If you are a true history buff, then the Dashur pyramids will offer much more in the way of exploration. These architectural wonders are a must-see, particularly the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.

First Business Flights recognizes just what an amazing experience your trip to Cairo is sure to be. Whether your visit to Cairo is for business reasons or you are going to appreciate the history of this amazing region, our reservation specialists will help you to make the most of your trip by providing you with the best in airfare. You deserve the first class treatment. Allow First Business Flights to treat you in the manner in which you so richly deserve.

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