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Business Class Flights to Berlin

Business Class Flights to Berlin

1Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and is also Germany’s largest city. Situated upon the banks of the River Spree, Berlin also greats great economic and political influence over the rest of the country.

With a moderate climate, more than a third of the city is composed of parks, gardens, forests, lakes, and rivers.

Berlin offers a blend of old world charm with high-tech industry. This world-class city is a seamless mix of culture, media, science, and so much more. Berlin is also a centralized hub for rail and air transport.

Berlin is an important city in Germany, and in all of Europe. Flights in and out of the country can often be a challenge to secure. With First Business Flights on your side, you’ll be able to benefit from industry leading technology that will allow for only the best deals on airfare. Travel to Berlin in the style and comfort that you deserve, with First Business Flights making your reservations for you.

Berlin’s Airports


With Berlin being such a huge transportation hub, there are several airports serving the city. Berlin Tegel Airport is currently the primary airport in the city. It is however scheduled to close when the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport opens. The new airport is currently slated to open in 2016, after a series of delays have pushed the opening date back more than 6 years.

The Berlin Tegel Airport boasts four primary terminals, each served by a number of domestic and international airlines. The airport is a primary hub for Air Berlin, and is also a focus city for German Wings and Lufthansa.

Your first and business class tickets with Air Berlin and Lufthansa will permit you access to their exclusive lounge. Enjoy the beverage of your choice, or relax in the comfortable seats. With free internet access, and helpful staff, you’ll be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy airport. The Air France lounge also offers comfort and a luxurious escape to weary travelers. Enjoy a newspaper or magazine, and a hot or cold beverage of your choice.

Navigating large international airports can often be a challenge. But what doesn’t have to be a challenge is the reservation of your tickets. First Business Flights utilizes cutting edge technology to uncover some of the steepest discounts in the industry.

Getting Around Berlin


Berlin is one of those amazing European cities that is served by a comprehensive network of trams, trains, buses, and ferries.

The public transportation system includes the underground rail system, the U-Bahn. Swift transport, with a reliable timetable, the U-Bahn is a great way to see the city of Berlin. The above ground railway system, the S-Bahn offers an alternative to the underground, and can take you on an exploration of some of the sights outside of the city center.

There are more than 150 bus routes in Berlin, which is a great way to ensure that you are able to get out and see Berlin. With reliable routes, you’ll not have to worry about being stranded.

Tram lines operate in and around the city, with some trams running all night.

The ferries and other boat services that operate on the water are much more a leisure activity than a truly practical method of navigating Berlin. But there are numerous tour companies that will give you an amazing view of this beautiful city.

Taxis are an efficient but sometimes costly method of getting around the city. Taxis are available just about everywhere, but be sure to establish how much the ride will cost you before you are surprised with a high total when you arrive at your destination.

While Berlin does struggle with the congestion typical to all big cities, renting a car is still a valid option for those who want a bit of freedom to explore more of the area.

What to do in Berlin


There are a number of fantastic things to see and do when in Berlin. Whether you are in this great historically-infused city for business or for the full tourist experience, you won’t run out of things to see and do.

Start your time in Berlin with a trip to Grunewald. Easily accessible, Grunewald is the largest forested area. Take a picnic lunch and head down for some hiking, horseback riding or bicycling. If the weather is nice, enjoy some time in the freshwater lakes. This great area is ideal for a bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, and is a chance to enjoy some of Berlin’s natural beauty.

Enjoy some culture and time in five of the most poignant museums in all of Berlin. Museum Island boasts the Neues Museum and the Pergamon Museum, which is notable for being one of the most important archaeological museums in the world. You will need a full day to explore all of the wonders contained within these amazing museums, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you soak in the culture and history.5

Berlin has a reputation for being a party city, with some clubs staying open for 48 hours each weekend. There are endless opportunities for dancing the night away, including spending some time in Panorama Bar, which is a converted factory that is today considered to be the very foundation of European techno. There are countless dance clubs all around the city, with new ones cropping up almost every other week. Farbfenseher is a cozy club that is popular amongst locals and guests to the city alike. With a bit of research, you’ll find out where locals are promoting all-night dance extravaganzas in old warehouses or even on bridges. Berlin’s reputation for being a dancing paradise will not disappoint.

Visit North Mitte, for some great shopping. With an amazing number of boutiques and large retailers, this is a great area to find vintage clothing or locally crafted art, and so much more. Visit Friedrichstraße, which is the street that is well-known for being home to several big name designer stores; including KaDeWe, which is Europe’s biggest department store.

For some family fun, or to appreciate more of nature’s wonders, head to the Zoologischer Garten and Aquarium. As the oldest zoo in Germany, it also holds the distinction of being the most popular zoo in all of Europe. With landscaped grounds that need to be seen to be truly appreciated, you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch while taking in the more than 14,000 creatures that call the zoo home.

Visit the Friedrichshain Open Air Cinema, to enjoy an outdoor movie experience. With available refreshments, this is a great way to enjoy an authentic Berlin experience with the locals. Shows typically run from dusk into the late evening, which will be a great way to wind up a day spent exploring Berlin.

Must-See Berlin Landmarks


Berlin is infused with so much history, which makes it almost impossible to explore this great city without encountering some of the most historic landmarks in all of Europe.

No trip to Berlin would truly be complete without a trip to discover more about the Berlin Wall. Although The Wall was largely demolished in 1990, a restore stretch of it can be viewed. Take in the historic Checkpoint Charlie, which is now a tourist center that offers a comprehensive look into the story of The Wall. What is known as the East Side Gallery is an amazing artistic expression by local artists, and is a preservation of the spirit of those who fought for the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Mauer Park is a large green area in the middle of the city. While many of Berlin’s outdoor green spaces are known for being ideal for relaxation, Mauer Park is anything but relaxing. It is the home of a very large flea market that is the ideal place to locate a range of vintage items, records, souvenirs, and so much more. As 3PM rolls around, the area is also transformed into a large space for karaoke lovers to enjoy belting out a few of their favorite tunes.7

Berlin’s architecture is truly magnificent, and is best appreciated from an aerial perspective. Visit the Reichstag, which is the location of the German Parliament. The roof of the structure is made entirely of glass, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding city. Alternatively you could visit Europe’s fourth tallest free-standing structure, Fernsehturm. This iconic tower includes a viewing gallery and a revolving restaurant.

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