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Business Class Flights to Belgium

Business Class Flights to Belgium

First Class/Business Class Flights to Belgium

Small but densely populated country, Belgium is placed on the coast of the North Sea and is part of the Benelux zone. A great destination for leisure tourists and business travelers, Belgium is known for its marvelous landscapes and beautiful architecture, its rich culture and excellent cuisine. In general Belgium is divided into three main regions – the bilingual capital city Brussels, where are the headquarters of the European Union, the northern region Flanders which is Dutch speaking and features the cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges, as well as the southern region Wallonia which is French speaking in general. The fastest way to reach Belgium and save time and money is by flying first class or business class. Contact First Business Flights and you will get a very decent bargain price.


Belgium is rather a small country but it has a great percentage of urbanization and plenty of cites. On its territory are to be found the capital Brussels with its beautiful historical center, the city of Antwerp with its huge gothic cathedral and diamond shops, as well as the city of Bruges with its romantic atmosphere and medieval historic center. In Belgium are also to be found the Ardennes region with its castles and forests, Waterloo and Fondry des Chiens, as well as many abbeys some of which known for brewing beer. Thanks to First Business Flights, a trip to Belgium could be very cheap. You can book your first class ticket or get your business class seat and pay a very reasonable price.


There are three main airports that serve Belgium. The main one is the international Belgium Airport which covers all international flights. Then comes the Brussels South Airport Charleroi, which mainly serves the budget airlines. Yet there is also The Antwerp Airport which handles business flights, especially the ones from London city. There are two other airports in Belgium as well, Ostend Airport and Liege Airport which serve business and charter flights. With the help of the professionals at First Business Flights, now travelers can get advice on which airport is the best one to use for their needs and can further book their first class ticket and business class seat at a discounted price.

Great for Travelers

Besides the main travel destinations in Belgium such as the capital Brussels, the diamond center Antwerp and the romantic Bruges, travelers come to feel the atmosphere of Ghent. This small medieval city has a beautiful castle and many churches, and hosts interesting festivals. Also of interest is the small town of Leuven where is placed one of the oldest European universities and the nightlife is busy. Other places that deserve to be seen include the medieval town of Mechelen with its carillon school and the charming old city of Lier with its medieval streets. Those who are into adventure sports visit Dinant which has a nice settling for rock-climbing ad riding a canoe, as well as the city of Liege – ideal spot for hiking. Thanks to First Business Flights now you will be able to save enough money for all those adventures and sightseeing. The company can book your first class seat or business class flight at a discounted price.


Travel to Belgium in style and comfort by booking your business class or first class seat through First Business Flights and you will get the following services:

  • comfortable airplane seat that can recline into a bed
  • delicious meal and drinks during the flight
  • luxury car transportation between the terminals
  • immediate access to all first and business class airport lounges and their amenities

 Destination Photos


Castle in Antwerp


Grand Place in Brussels


The Manneken Pis in Brussels


The center of Bruges

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