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Business Class Flights to Austria

Business Class Flights to Austria

First Class / Business Class Flights to Austria

For centuries a top destination for tourists, Austria delights travelers with its impressive Habsburg architecture, stunning alpine scenery, rich musical heritage, and, of course, sweet rolls. One of the most visited countries in Europe, Austria offers a contemporary café, dinning, and shopping culture; but for many travelers its true appeal lies in its glorious hinterland, whose sky slopes and snowy mountain peaks attract droves of tourists every year. Whether you’re traveling to Austria to admire the architecture and discover some of the most sophisticated cities in Europe, or to go skiing and mountain-climbing, we at First Business Flights can provide you with the best and cheapest first class / business class flights to Austria.


When you book first class / business class flights to Austria with us you can save a lot of money while still enjoying all the benefits of a luxury flight, including a reclining chair and fine dining. By doing away with the middleman and negotiating offers directly with flight companies, we are able to offer you the most affordable high-quality flights to Austria you can get. But we don’t offer just any flights. We carefully select them, looking at both price and services, so that we can provide you only with the best of the best deals.


Whether you’re flying to Vienna, Graz, or Salzburg, First Business Flights has you covered. We offer you special deals on flights to all the major Austrian airports, regardless of how many tickets you book or when you book them. You can also use our advanced, highly accurate booking system to discover the most convenient airport for you – you don’t necessarily have to land in the capital Vienna if you don’t have any business there, though traveling through Austria without seeing Vienna should be a crime. With us you can book one ticket, two, or more, so that whether you’re traveling alone, with business partners, or with your family, we are the right agency for you.

Great For Travelers

Our first class / business class flights to Austria are great for businessmen and tourists alike. Offering a high degree of comfort and speedy, relaxing air travel, our flights help you avoid the stress, the noise, and the lack of services you have to endure during regular flights. After our flights you’ll be in the right mood to discover Vienna and its monumental buildings, the picturesque scenery of Tirol, the musical city of Salzburg (the birthplace of Mozart), the culturally rich city of Lentia, north on the Danube, and of course many fantastic ski slopes.


Traveling to Austria? You’ll want to book your first class / business class flights to Austria with us. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Best price available.
  • Option to book in advance.
  • Fast, relaxing, comfortable flight.
  • Refined food during your flight, as well as fine drinks.
  • Comfortable reclining seat you can sleep in.
  • High-quality fitness and spa in the airport lounge.
  • Luxury car that will convey you from one terminal to the other.

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3 Main International Airports in Austria

  • Schwechat International Airport, Vienna
  • Thalerhof Airport, Graz
  • W. A. Mozart Airport, Salzburg


3Hofburg Palace
4Grossglockner Mountain
5Lake Achensee

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