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Business Class Flights to Auckland

Business Class Flights to Auckland

First Business Flights – Auckland


With the largest population in New Zealand, Auckland is a bustling and lively city that has proven popular as a tourist destination for guests from around the globe. Whether you are visiting Auckland for business or for some much-needed leisure time, you are sure to find that this amazing city is a contrast of natural beauty and contemporary design.

Originally established by Maori, today the city boasts a rich cultural scene that is infused with the diverse history of those who have called it home over the years.

Auckland boasts a very temperate climate, which means that it has nice warm summers and moderately mild winters. Auckland is a great place to visit, any time of the year.

A cosmopolitan city that truly has something to offer everyone, Auckland should definitely be on your list of top cities to visit.

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Auckland’s Airports


Auckland Airport is the largest and also the busiest airport in New Zealand. The airport offers two terminals, with one for international flights and the other for domestic flights. The airport is a hub for New Zealand Airlines, which ensures that any number of destinations are accessible through this great airport.

Each terminal offers passengers plenty of creature comforts. Enjoy some duty-free shopping in any of the many shops that line the halls of the airport, or perhaps you are in need of some comfortable family facilities. The airport has considered all of the needs of guests traveling through its terminals, and offers gaming arcades, showering facilities, and of course plenty of opportunities to enjoy a hearty meal before you board your flight.

The airport boasts the Emperor Lounge, which offers a quiet and relaxing retreat for passengers. The lounge offers a full-service business center, free Wi-Fi and so much more. Enjoy a light refreshment, take a shower, or simply enjoy reading today’s news in one of the free newspapers. This lounge is not exclusively for first or business class passengers, but there is a fee to take advantage of it.

Getting Around Auckland


Auckland is a very modern city, with a great road system that makes navigation an absolute breeze. There are a number of car rental services that will allow you to easily leave the airport and make your way around the city in no time at all. A rental is also a good way to allow you to explore the areas just outside of the city limits. Roads are well-marked and well-maintained.

Many services offer airport shuttle services, which will allow you to get from the airport to your hotel in no time at all. Simply make your reservation or climb on the Airbus Express shuttle for swift transportation to where you need to go.

There is an extensive bus system in Auckland, which will allow you to get to almost anywhere in and around the city. The main terminal in the city is the Britomart Transport Center, and you’ll find that it is very easy to navigate the bus system with maps and guides all around the city.

Something that many enjoy is to ride a bicycle in and around the city. There are countless dedicated cycle lanes, which will ensure your safety. This is a great way to experience some unique perspectives of Auckland.

Taxis are of course plentiful, as are ferries and water taxis. Find your sea legs and enjoy some of the most amazing views of the cityscape, from the water.

The railway line is not as extensive as other large metropolitan areas, but it will definitely help you to get around some of the city during congested parts of the day. The primary rail terminal is also located at the Britomart Transport Center.

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What to do in Auckland

Auckland is an amazing city, with so much to see and door outdoors. Start your journey by heading to the Auckland Rainforest. Auckland is one of only a few places in the world where rainforests exist outside of the tropics. With miles and miles of walking trails, there is endless opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of this Auckland gem. Explore streams, waterfalls, and pristine beaches, there is so much to see and do, you may just need to spend more than a day here.Of course the beaches in Auckland offer their own activities that are wonderfully enjoyable. Take in some surfing or perhaps head on out for some scuba diving. Other great watersports include renting a yacht or going water skiing. If you love spending time on the water, then Auckland definitely has something to offer to you, including cage diving with sharks.

What many don’t know about Auckland is that it is home to some of the most amazing vineyards in this part of the world. Take a tour of one of the wineries and appreciate not only all that goes into the making of your favorite wine, but get to taste some of the world’s best wines, along with gourmet meals that will bring even the most refined palate to life.

Get a feel for some of Auckland’s cultural experiences by enjoying the Te Hana Te Ao Marama experience. This Maori cultural experience offers guided tours of an authentic homestead, dances, music, and so much more. It is said to be a wholly moving day that will not be soon forgotten.

Must-See Auckland Landmarks


One of the most clearly visible Auckland landmarks is the Sky Tower. Located in the very heart of the city, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city and also walk around the SkyWalk for some breathtaking experiences. The SkyJump is a controlled free-fall that is all at once exhilarating and spectacular. There are also plenty of restaurants and casino games available.

The Auckland Art Gallery – Toi o Tamaki – is more than just a wonderful place to experience some of the rich artistic culture of the city. The building itself boasts impressive architecture that must simply be seen and experienced to be understood.

The Civic is one of New Zealand’s treasures. Offering concerts and other performances, this iconic building is a must-see for every trip to Auckland.

Take a guided tour of Auckland’s volcanic field. This breathtaking experience is something that is wholly unique to this part of the world, and is sure to leave you in awe of nature’s wonder.

First Business Flights is committed to ensuring that your trip to Auckland is the amazing journey that you deserve it to be. Allow our travel professionals to take charge of your reservations, so that you are assured of the first class trip that you so richly deserve.



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