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Business Class Flights to Abbis Ababa

Business Class Flights to Abbis Ababa

First Business Flights – Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa is the Ethiopian capital city, and is also the largest city in this African country. It is home to the headquarters of several international and continental organizations, including the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

It is often referred to as being the political capital of Africa, largely due to the significant role that it plays in African politics and diplomacy. The city also has a rich history that is very interesting to those who delve into it.

Addis Ababa is a true melting pot, with as many as 80 different nationalities now calling it home. All of this results in a destination that offers a great meld of cultures and traditions, ensuring that the city is wholly unique.

Whether your trip to Addis Ababa is for personal reasons or it is for reasons of business, you are certain to find that this is a city filled with contrast and amazing natural beauty.

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Abbis Ababa’s Airport


The city of Addis Ababa, and the surrounding area, is served by the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. This large airport is the primary hub for Ethiopian Airlines, which offers service to other destinations within Ethiopia, throughout Africa, and also to Europe, Asia, and both North and South America.

The airport offers two terminals, and a total of 11 gates, which is relatively small for an international airport, but it is sufficient for the traffic that the airport currently handles. There are two comfortably appointed lounges for first and business class passengers of Ethiopian Airlines. Here guests are offered business center facilities, comfortable seating to relax while waiting for flights, and of course plenty of opportunity to enjoy a meal and refreshing beverage.

Addis Ababa’s airport also offers opportunity for some duty-free shopping, as well as restaurants and other amenities for the passengers that are spending time in the airport between flights.

Getting Around Addis Ababa

Renting a car is Addis Ababa is an option, but it can often be challenging to find parking in the city center, so you may be better served by hiring a car service with an assigned driver who is knowledgeable about the city and the surrounding suburbs. The better means of transportation are to engage in one of the many taxis or the blue minibuses that are available around the city. The minibuses can be hailed in the same way as any other taxi service, simply hail one from the street or ask your hotel to call and make a reservation for you.

Minibuses are very affordable options for getting around the city. The smaller taxi cars are a little bit more expensive, but they are less likely to be shared transportation like the minibuses. Keep in mind that negotiation is expected when you use any of the taxis or minibuses, so don’t be afraid to haggle a bit to get a fair rate.

The taxis that can be found near the larger hotels are typically a bit more expensive, but they have a reputation for being much more reliable. This can be worth it if you are willing to pay for a bit of peace of mind.

Addis Ababa does not have a city train system, but you’ll find that walking around the city is a great way to experience the sights and sounds of this vibrant city. Walking is generally considered to be safe, and locals are often friendly and willing to provide directions or information if you ask.

What to do in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa is a great city to explore. With such a blend of cultures in the city, you are sure to find plenty to see, do, and of course taste. Experiencing Ethiopian food is a joy that you should definitely not miss. Be sure to keep in mind that some of the ingredients tend to stray from beef and chicken, and may not necessarily be to your liking. But with the herbs and spices used in traditional Ethiopian fare, you may not even notice the type of protein in your meal.

Be sure to explore the Ethiopian National Museum. This world-class museum is often overlooking on tours, but it is truly an amazing experience if you take the time to explore it. The Ethiopian civilization is amongst the oldest in the world, which means that the artifacts contained within its collections span for several thousand years. It is well worth the time taken to visit it.

The Red Terror Museum can often be a bit heart-wrenching, as it shares the horrors that led to the famine that Ethiopia was struck with in the 1990s. A fair number of those working in the museum are survivors of the famine and the Derg, which was the regime responsible for countless torturers and murders. The museum is free to enter, but many find that the stories are so touching that it is well-worth a donation.

Other museums worth a visit include the Ethiopian Ethnological Museum, which has many amazing exhibits that relay the rich history and diverse culture of Ethiopia. The Addis Ababa Museum is a former palace that now focuses on displaying artifacts that tell the story of Addis Ababa.

Enjoy a round of golf at Addis Ababa Golf Club or go watch the horses run at the Jan Meda Race Ground. There is no end to the number of great things to see and do in Addis Ababa; including plenty of opportunity to enjoy some shopping at the various shopping centers and roadside markets around the city.

Must-See Abbis Ababa Landmarks

There a lot of must-see landmarks to enjoy when you are in Addis Ababa. One of the best ways to see several of them is to take a walk from Meskel Square to Sidest Kilo. Along this route you will see the royal palaces, the Africa Hall, the Parliament Hall, the architectural wonder that is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Along this route is also the Addis Ababa University, and the Trinity Orthodox Cathedral.

St. George’s Cathedral is another must-see landmark. This church is somewhat nondescript on the exterior, and was built in 1896 as a means of commemorating Ethiopia’s victory over the Italians. The interior of the church is decorated with beautiful mosaics and paintings, and it is well worth the time to see this beautiful place.

Be sure to see the second largest church in Africa, Medhane Alem. This cathedral’s name means Saviour of the World.

The largest market in Africa can be found in the Mercato District. It is a bustling and impressive market that many spend hours exploring.

Now the official government seat, the old Imperial Palace is impressively large and ornate. The current residents of Ethiopia’s President is the National Palace, it is also a great spot to enjoy some of the architecture unique to Ethiopia.

Your trip to Ethiopia should be the first class experience that you deserve. With First Business Flights arranging your flights, you will be assured of flights that work perfectly with your budget, while still allowing you to have the top-notch experience that will make your trip to Ethiopia the rewarding trip that you are looking forward to.

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