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Business Class Flights to Netherlands

Business Class Flights to Netherlands

First Class/Business Class Flights to Netherlands

Romantic, beautiful and full of surprises, Netherlands is a great tourist destination. It has many lovely places of interest and various appealing cities including the cosmopolitan capital of Amsterdam, the cities of Rotterdam and Delft, The Hague, etc. There are windmills to be seen here, tulips to be admired, and clogs to be tried on. The Netherlands has preserved its international character and its lively atmosphere and is known for the liberal mentality of the locals and the great night life. If you plan a trip to the Netherlands, better do it in the best possible way by flying first class. First Business Flights can also get you a reasonably priced business flight seat, so that you can enjoy all amenities and extras that you deserve to have.


Netherlands is a great travel destination for weekend getaways, short term holidays and longer trips. It is not surprising that so many travelers visit the country. The flights to the Netherlands are served by five major airports, the biggest one being the Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam. The country can also be reached through the international airports near Brussels and near Dusseldorf, which are placed nearby. Now you can book your discounted first class seats or business class tickets by First Business Flights and enjoy not only the great price but also the various amenities available at the airplane itself and at the airport lounges.

Five main airports handle the air traffic to the Netherlands with the largest one being the modern Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam. The other international airports in the country include the Eindhoven Airport, the Maastricht Airport, The Hague – Rotterdam Airport, as well as the Groningen-Eelde Airport. These are smaller airports in size, which operate regular and low-coast flights. All airports have immediate connection to the other means of transport. First Business Flights team can provide you with useful information on which airport is best to use and can further offer you bargain first class and business class seats for the dates of your trip.

Great for Travelers

The Netherlands offer a remarkable choice of attractions, places of interest and various activities. People usually associate the country with the wooden shoes and the tulips, the windmills and the canals. The most notable destinations include the capital city Amsterdam and the historic town of Delft the student city of Groningen and the city of the royal family – The Hague. Also appealing are the medieval city of Maastricht, the art and nightlife destination Rotterdam and the historic center of Utrecht. Travelers are also impressed by the theme park Efteling and the National Park Hige Veluwe, the flower fields at Keukenhof and the windmills at Kinderdijk, to name just a few of the most remarkable places. In order to get excellent service and a first class ticket at a discounted price, you should contact First Business Flights and give them your travel dates.


First Business Flights will help you book a first class ticket or a seat at the business class at a very reasonable price. Besides the money saved, you will also enjoy:

  • Ultra comfortable airplane seat that can be reclined into bed.
  • Excellent dining during your flight.
  • Direct access to the first and business class airport lounges and their amenities.
  • Transportation in a luxury car between the airport terminals.

Flying to the Netherlands using the services of First Business Flights would be a wonderful experience!

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