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Business Class Flights to Israel

Business Class Flights to Israel

Flights to Tel Aviv Israel

Israel is a small but diverse country, which is a vibrant and exciting tourist destination. Israel is renowned for its ancient history and fantastic museums, its beautiful beaches and throbbing nightlife. The country has a long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, an access to the Red Sea and yet shares borders with the Dead Sea and the Jordan River. Highly urbanized and with well-developed economics, the country is divided into several main cities and smaller towns/ It features deserts and coast, valleys and mountains. Each area of Israel has its own attractions. The best visited destinations however remain the cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. First Business Flights is giving you the chance to travel to Israel with style and at a very reasonable price. Book your first class ticket or seat in the business class and have a wonderful flight.


Israel is not a big country at but is a travel destination with great concentration of sits, landmarks, places of interest. When in Israel, tourists usually visit the sacred city of Jerusalem and the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, but they also come to see the ancient town and historic port Acre, the long beach strip at Ashdod, the city on the Red Sea Eilat, the home town of Jesus Christ Nazareth, the resort town of Tiberias. Flying to and from Israel is very easy as everything is well organized. First Business Flights can offer you airplane tickets for first class and business class flights to Israel at a discounted price, while you will be able not only to save money but also to enjoy many comforts and personalized service.

The international flights to Israel are served by two main airports. The largest one is Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, which also serves the town of Jerusalem. The airport handles many flights from Europe and North America. The second international airport in the country is placed at Ovda and is mainly used by the charter flights. The measures at all airports in Israel are very strictly observed. First Business Flights can assist you in picking the right airport hub and fining the cheapest first class tickets. It also offers reasonably priced business flights seats.

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Among all the cities that are there to be visited and all the places that are there to be seen should be included the landform Machtesh Ramon which resembles a crater and reveals lovely views towards the desert and Rosh Hanigra, which is a while coastal rock formed on the northern coast of Israel. There are yet other main attractions in Israel that should be mentioned and they include the leisure trail for cycling and hiking Israel National Trail; the Jesus Trail for hiking from Nazareth to Capernaum and the trail Nativity from Galilee to Bethlehem. Great off-road experience is available at Negev and throughout the country are to be found beautifully maintained parks and reserves. With the reliable serves of First Business Flights you will get first class ticket at a bargain price.


Business class seat or first class flight to Israel will result in an experience that you’ll not forget. Enjoy luxurious treatment including:

  • Spacious airline seat to relax at
  • Gourmet dining and drinks
  • Access to modern airport lounges with fantastic amenities
  • Reliable transportation between the airport terminals


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