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Hong Kong is a financial center, significant port, and shopping destination in Southeast China. Hong Kong is densely populated with a population of more than seven million people. The area is known for its ultra high-end shopping, high-tech skyscrapers, and colorful night markets. Hong Kong is a destination where most travelers choose First Class Flights to Hong Kong, China because there is so much to do once you are on the ground. First class passengers arrive more rested and ready to begin sightseeing. With the availability of websites offering discounted airfare and special travel packages, many travelers are finding that they can afford to the luxuries of first class travel to Hong Kong, China. Even last minute travelers are finding affordable first class fares to Hong Kong, China.. Here are a few of the most popular activities for tourists in Hong Kong:

  1. The Star Ferry– The Star Ferry company offers several different ferry options from multiple piers. Their ferries operate day and night are an absolute “must do” when you are in Hong Kong. The tickets are affordable, distances vary, and the views of Hong Kong are the best.
  2. Street Markets– You will probably walk by one on your day-to-day rounds of the area, but it’s worth it to be a bit strategic when deciding which market to visit. The markets generally cater to one type of shopping. So, if you are looking for women’s clothing, head to the Ladies Market on Tung Choi Street. The markets are generally located near public transportation, so traveling there is easy and there is more to do than just purchase goods at these markets. They make for great people watching, have multiple entertainers (musicians, fortune tellers, artists) and offer great, inexpensive street food. Be ready to bargain and plan to spend a few hours here. It’s a lot of walking, but it’s SO worth it!
  3. Gamble on the Horses– There is only one form of legal gambling in Hong Kong and it’s the horse races. Head to Happy Valley Racecourse and watch the ponies run. The price of admissions is low, the food and drinks are actually very good, the attire is casual, and even if you aren’t a gambler you should go to soak in the atmosphere. It is an extremely popular venue and you will get a glimpse into the local culture which is why you are traveling in the first place. So, take an afternoon and spend it at the races, you won’t regret it.
  4. The Hong Kong Museum of History– What’s a vacation without a museum, right! This enormous complex covers 400 million years of Hong Kong’s history. It’s a lot to take in, houses nearly 100,000 artifacts, and offers both temporary and permanent exhibitions. Plan your trip here before you arrive so you can streamline which exhibits appeal to you. The size alone can be overwhelming, it pays to plan ahead and chart out a plan before arriving.
  5. Lantau Island – This serene getaway offers beaches, hiking trails, Hong Kong Disneyland, and historical monuments. You can see the Big Buddha, ride a cable car, and tour a fishing village. Your food choices here are exceptional, so arrive ready to indulge.


These five venues are just the beginning. Hong Kong is packed with things to do and see. Hong Kong is host to one international airport for passengers and several other airports used by the military, for helicopter travel, and heavy cargo. Flying in and out of Hong Kong International Airport is a great experience. The more than 20-year-old airport offers lots for passengers to do. There are great restaurants, incredible shopping, and they even offer mobile device apps to virtually tour the facility. Passengers carrying a first class ticket from the Hong Kong International Airport to their home destination can access the First Class lounges. Some of these lounges are two stories tall, offer views of the gates, and feature showers with high-end bath products. There are hair dryers, and clean towels available. Once in the lounge area, you can relax and find a comfortable spot to sit and get snacks or a hot meal. If you prefer to sit at the bar you can order cocktails, eat your meal, and charge all of your electronic devices. The atmosphere is lively and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The attendants track your flight, notify you of gate changes and tell you when pre-boarding is to begin. Some of the lounges offer rides to your gate so you don’t have to hassle with the crowd of people navigating the airport.


First Class International Flights to Hong Kong have obvious benefits over traveling Coach or Economy. You will arrive in Hong Kong well rested and feeling ready for many active days, first class provides an easy day of travel that is more enjoyable and saves time waiting in long lines at check-in and through security, and you can ask the knowledgeable first class flight attendants for their inside tips on how to best experience Hong Kong. You can research cheap and discount fares even with little to no notice on the Internet and decide for yourself which class of travel best suits your budget.


First Business Flights secures the best fares for international first class tickets to Hong Kong. The process is quick and easy and First Business Flights guarantees a savings of at least $1,000 and they provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability. If you are looking for airfare that is affordable and at the lowest price First Business flights is a good place to begin your research.


Is First Class Worth the Extra Money?

Usually yes, it is worth the extra money. Seasoned travelers and experts agree that the luxuries first class provides often justifies the cost. However, depending on your budget, you may decide to book economy or coach class and instead invest nights at your hotel recuperating from the long day of travel. First class tickets holders to Hong Kong go through much shorter lines when checking in, they can check additional baggage with no charge and can have heavier bags too, the lines through TSA checks and security are far shorter too. Pre-boarding is nice because you aren’t rushed to get settled in your seat, you can take a few minutes to organize your belongings and the flight attendants are prepared to help you as well. The lounges help you unwind before boarding, and the food at the lounges is restaurant quality. Once in your seat, you will notice it fully reclines so you can actually sleep during the flight. The cashmere blankets are amazing. The noise-reducing earbuds, really do make a difference, and the abundance of movies and reading materials available to you helps pass the time. The food is better than restaurant quality, think more five-star restaurant quality. Some aircraft offer seating that has a separate bed and desk combination, so you can get some work accomplished. First class does allow you to be productive and rest sufficiently during your day of travel. The hassle of traveling is removed from the function, which is appealing to many busy people.

Hong Kong International Airport:

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) offers international first class flights travelers to and from Hong Kong a great travel experience. First Business Flights can provide you with very specific information about this popular airport and will help with a last minute flight booking that works with your pocketbook. All major airlines fly to HKG, so you will have choices.

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