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International first class flights to Asia are becoming more popular as travelers are looking to arrive at their destination ready to see the sights. The journey to Asia can be long, and travelers prefer the comforts and luxuries provided in the first class cabin. You can look for cheap and inexpensive international business class tickets to Asia on travel websites. There are great deals on first class tickets to Asia but you will need to look for them. Affordable international first class tickets to Asia are available in the offseason and at nonpeak times throughout the day and night. Stay as flexible as you can with the dates and times you are willing to travel, and the odds of you finding a great deal on first class tickets to Asia are very good. Log on to a travel website and begin entering dates until you find an airfare that will work with your budget. Your budget is important. Be patient and stick to it.


Ten Fun Facts About Asia


  1. Most Popular Religion Hinduism is the largest and oldest religion in Asia with over a billion followers. Over 25% of the people living in Asia practice Hinduism. Hinduism goes back farther than recorded history. It does not have a single founder. It is a blend of traditions, practices, and lineages that have been melded together over centuries. Other popular religions in Asia are Buddhism and Islam.
  2. Favorite Food- Asia is a big continent with many different cultures, religions and of course food taste. However, one of the most consistent food offerings and the most popular is “satay”. It is meat on stick roasted over a heat source like an open fire or charcoal. It’s available from the Philippines to Vietnam to Iran. Traditionally, beef or chicken but some countries get a little more exotic. It usually comes with a dipping sauce and sticky rice but it can also have chopped vegetables on the satay.
  3. Most Educated- Russia has the citizens with the highest level of education in the world and it wins by a large margin. It has won the most educated country in the world as announced by the OECD. Russia has the most citizens who have obtained a secondary education in the world. It is actually four times the second-place winner which is China.
  4. Most Olympic Medals- The Soviet Union only trails the United States with the most Olympic medals ever won by a single country with 1,204. This is half of what the United States has won at 2,520 medals. China at 608 medals is second in Asia and 8th
  5. Most Nobel Prize Winners- Japan is the leader in Asia with the most Nobel Prize winners with a total of 26 winners. This puts them at tied for 6th in the world with Switzerland.
  6. Tallest Building- The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE is not only the tallest building in Asia but also the tallest in the world. It was completed in 2010. Not surprising that Dubai and its pension for showmanship and amazing construction projects have the tallest building in the world. It stands at 2,722 feet tall. It took six years to complete.
  7. Tallest Mountain- Mount Everest is located in Tibet and is the highest mountain on the Asian continent and the highest mountain in the world. The summit of Mount Everest is 29,035 feet above sea level.
  8. Most Miss Universe Winners- The Philippines, Japan, and Thailand all are two-time winners of the Miss Universe title. Japan is the most recent winner with a title in 2007 and the oldest title winner in 1957. In the pageant’s history, only 10 Asian contestants have won the Miss Universe crown.
  9. Largest Debt- Japan has the largest debt in Asia with 3.7 trillion USD dollars. Singapore has the highest per capita debt at $231,000 per citizen. Singapore also has the largest debt as a percentage of GDP at 453 times their current GDP.
  10. Biggest Population Growth- Iraq with its capital of Baghdad is home to many diverse ethnic groups including Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Turks, and many more, has about 37 million citizens with must of them Muslims. They are growing at the fastest rate in Asia with a growth rate of 2.87%. Many countries in the Middle East are growing at above 2.0%.


Countries included in the continent of Asia are Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Isreal, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turke, the United Arab Emirates and many others.

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