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First Class Flights To Milan

First Class Flights To Milan

First Class Flights To MilanMilan is a five-star destination city known for fashion, finance, and gothic art. Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper can be found here and gothic architecture is abound in this historic city. With the hectic schedule of everyday life impeding the number of days we can take away from work, it is no wonder that so many savvy travelers are opting for First Class tickets to Milan. Milan is a great example of the world-class cities you can tackle in a few days on the ground. Traveling first class and taking a short trip across the ocean makes sense as you will arrive refreshed and ready to partake in aperitivo (a bitter aperitif that is meant to stimulate the appetite). The hospitality you will encounter in Milan is incredible and the number of historic monuments are easy to see in only a few days. Do your research and begin with airfares. First class is no longer out of reach. Factor in the time and money (on food and hotels) you will save and it may make good financial sense to book your travel in the forward cabin of the plane. Milan offers a wide array of activities for visitors so after you research airfare; research “things to do in Milan”. First Class Tickets to Milan are available on an abundance of airlines and websites and travel agents can look into discount fares and packages for you. Even at the last minute can take advantage of fares that fit all budgets. Milan is a great place to visit for a few days. Don’t overlook this gem of a city:

1.See The Last Supper – Clearly Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” tops most travelers list of things you can’t skip in Milan, and rightfully so! It’s stunning, it’s awe inspiring, and you have to see it to appreciate it. So, just go.

2.Il Duomo – Milan is known for its gothic architecture and this cathedral is perhaps the most perfect example of it. You can explore both the inside and outside of this historic building. The front steps make for great people watching too!

3.Navigli District- Da Vinci helped design Milan’s waterways! You can take cruise of the waterways, but this neighborhood has shops and restaurants and views that make it worth seeing.

4.Eat like a Lombardy – Milan’s cuisine is heartier than other areas of Italy. The local restaurants will offer the traditional pizza and past that the country is known for, but you are in Milan, so eat like the Milanese and opt for the meat and rice entrees. You won’t regret it, the risottos are seasonal and divine!

5.Rent a Bike – Milan offers bike rentals at a number of locations. It’s inexpensive, a great way to get some exercise, and the perfect wy to see the city! You can ride along the canals or take your chances on the city’s streets. You’ll feel like a local!

6.La Scala Theatre – Take a guided tour of one of the world’s most famous opera houses. You can learn the history of this amazing company and Italian opera and theater.

7.Biblioteca Ambrosiana – See drawings, painting, and statues in this unique museum. The art collections were donated by an Italian Cardinal and former Archbishop.

8.Professional Sports – Head to San Siro Stadium (one of Europe’s largest venues to see professional sports!) and catch an AC or Inter – Milan’s two professional football teams- game. This stadium holds 80,000 so prepared to be amazed!

9.Check out Milan neighborhoods! – Take a night off from being a tourist and pick a side street or out of the way neighborhood and enjoy the local atmosphere. Milan features neighborhoods that are opulent, small artist communities, and high finance driven.

10.Take a Walking Tour – Milan offers a host of themed walking tours. Some visit bars, some mark historic moments, others focus on the lives of artists. Select a walking tour that is interesting to you, wear comfortable shoes, and get to know the city!

With so much to see and do, it makes sense that so many travelers are choosing First Class International Flights to Milan over travelling Coach or Economy. Milan offers a full slate of activities and wasting several days at your hotel trying to catch up with Italian time is a waste. Look for cheap and discount fares online, they are often found even with little to no notice.

The Internet makes shopping for flights quick and easy. One businesss, First Business Flights, finds travelers the best deals on international first class tickets to Milan. First Business Flights guarantees a savings of at least $1,000 and works with every major airlines. With 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability, First Business Flights can help you book airfare that is affordable and at the lowest price. Consider the list of things you want to see in Milan, then decide the best routes of travel for your schedule. If you can arrive ready to see the sights and not spend a day suffering from jet-lag, the extra cost of First Class may be justified.

First Class tickets to Milan include shorter lines at the airport, better baggage allowances, quicker travel through security checkpoints, and access to the airport lounges. The airport lounges offer free alcohol, food, desserts, snacks and a place to gather your thoughts and finalize your travel plans. The lounge attendant will track your flight, notify you of gate changes, and contact you if there are any delays. If you need to catch up on work, check in with colleagues, or call your traveling friends, the airport lounge is the perfect place to catch up on your activities. Lounges are quiet, sophisticated, and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Depending on the type of aircraft you are travelling on, First Class can offer different seating arrangements. You can check the configuration of oyour plane before you book your flight. First Class always offers the best seats, but in some cases you get apartment style seating which provides you with a bed and desk. First Class also features great meals, incredible privacy, and five star comfort regardless of the type of plane you are travelling on. Determine how long the flight will be and how much time you have at your destination before booking your flight. Deals on First Class Tickets to Milan are available, it just takes a bit of research. First class tickets to Milan offer passengers the ability to sleep, dine on fantastic meals, cozy up with a cashmere blanket, slip inot soft sleeping slippers, and enjoy cocktails and champagne. Some planes offer common areas where first class passengers can mingle and share travel and business stories. Don’t purchase a coach or economy seat without shopping around! A little research can save you a lot money.

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