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Airplane Trip with a Kid: The Milestones

Airplane Trip with a Kid: The Milestones

Airplane trip with a kid the milestonesThe new parents, just like the most experienced ones will have something to learn from the milestones presented here which are associated with the great experience – a trip with the children. Parents that want to have a great holiday should consider several milestones that concern a trip that runs smoothly.

Before heading to the airport.
Check that all important things are packed and that the flight tickets you have got for Business Class and First Class travel that you have reserved thanks to the American Express points and the Chase points you have collected are with you. Make sure that the favorite stuffed animal or the special baby blanket are packed as well. Remember to inform your kid where you are going and what is about to happen on the plane. When kids know what to expect, they are not overwhelmed with the process of travelling.

At the airport.
When at the airport, prepare the flight tickets, then board on the Business Class and First Class seats and stay calm. If you are nervous, the child will be nervous too.

Keep the kids entertained.
Take brand new toys with you and show them to the kids as the trip starts. The children will be entertained. In case the kids are older, then take a portable DVD plyer, a tablet or a smartphone and make sure they have enough battery and various games and movies that the children like. Pack the snacks your kid loves too.

During take-off.
Explain your kid how the plane is taking-off, make a game out of that, then show the view from the window. Do not forget to breath and stay attentive for our kid’s needs. The calmer you are, the better the child will be.

Remember, you are creating memories for your child. So, make them great!

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